suggestions for balenciaga work bag?

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City? Twiggy? Work bag?

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  2. Twiggy

  3. WORK?

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  1. I think that if you were wearing a black outfit (severely formal/conservative) it would be okay to wear any of the bright bags.
    It's like wearing bright sexy underwear under a black dress... it's an expression of your wild streak!
  2. Esp. since you ARE business casual!!!
    If you wore all black you'd probably be the MOST business like, so that would make the bright bag even better!
  3. I think it would be fine, especially since you are business casual. They are nice bags, you should use them! I think they are tasteful enough for most any scenario, too.
  4. I work in a business casual environment, and I'm carrying my city today :cool: I don't see anything wrong with carrying a B-bag to work :biggrin:
  5. I work in the corporate strategy area of a bank and carry mine all the time. It's one way to express my "funky" preference in clothing without being to over the edge for my work environment.
  6. Ok girls! I had used my black one but wasn't sure about the colors...but I will **work** them! Lol.
  7. I think if you're business casual it's totally doable. I'm an attorney, also in a business casual environment. I wouldn't carry a B-bag to a deposition, court, or a client meeting. But for everyday office use, I think it's completely fine. Even the ones with color. I carried a Spearmint (turquoise) Blake on my interviews and to be honest, I think it set me apart in a good way from the boring drones that all wore black suits, white blouses and black bags to the interviews. I like to think I was refreshing in my dark grey suit and turquoise bag :P
  8. Wicked!!! Thanks so much for sharing. I bet you kicked a** with that Blake!
  9. Cristina, which city are you buying??
  10. She has the 04 turquoise city, lucky girl!
  11. Ohh that's right! So lucky!
  12. Of course they are appropriate for work. I am attorney (not practicing at the moment) but I liked the edge they gave a suit. I am substitute teaching now since the children are in school and they work WONDERFULLY!
  13. i carry my work bag to school... sometimes work. it's very casual for my work though. and i can carry A LOT! at this moment, i'm off to study, and i have a giant course reader, two magazines, wallet, sunglasses, a towel, etc etc! it's heavy but durable!!
  14. bal bags are always appropriate. it is how you feel. if they feel good, go for it!
  15. I'm an associate in a large firm and have no problems carrying colored b-bags, chloe bags, fendi etc to work. Remember, in a law firm, chances are that 90% of the people there (lawyers and staff) have no idea your bag is even a designer bag. :lol: I just went to a client meeting today wearing a suit and carrying an emerald green day bag. :biggrin:
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