suggestions for balenciaga work bag?

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City? Twiggy? Work bag?

  1. City

  2. Twiggy

  3. WORK?

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  1. hi everyone! just joined this forum a few days ago and i love it!

    i'm thinking of buying a balenciaga work/office bag for school. Barneys in BH currently has black, white, olive green and ink. any thoughts? thanks...
  2. I would say black for work, if your workplace is conservative. Balenciaga discountinues colors each year though, so if you see a color you like, you may want to jump on that (I think that black is a standard color that they produce every year though, so no hurry).
  3. black or ink.
  4. Ink as an alternative to black. I just think its edgier.:amuse:
  5. I have a City in olive green that I love. But I'm also looking at the Work in ink.
  6. Do they still make the camel or is it the caramel color? I would luv to have that!
  7. Black, brown or a dark red (bordeaux or the grenat that's coming out soon).
  8. INK! the most gorgeous color in the entire freakin' world.
  9. Black or ink.
  10. i'd say black or Ink as well.. but preferrably ink :love:
  11. I work in a lawfirm and am wondering if I can/should carry my bbags to work. I :heart: them but do you think they're too casual? We are business casual so I'm probably being way too critical here lol. I'd love thoughts? :biggrin: Do you guys carry your bbags to work?
  12. I should say all that I have is the city size...
  13. A black work or weekender would be AMAZING to carry everything in!
    If you wanted it to be more conservative, maybe take the tassles off? or *gasp* shorten them???
  14. Oh sorry I didn't get that you weren't BUYING new bags!

    I don't like my city precisely because the shape reminds me of a briefcase!
  15. I definitely will be taking off one of the tassels on the double zipper. The black would be perfect for work for sure, just wondering about the other colors since I no longer have black :sad: I guess I could carry my paddy or Chanel pink cambon to work!