Suggestions for awesome pink or magenta bags?

  1. I'm in love with the Balenciaga pink and magenta shades. Any other brands with these colours?
  2. The Kooba Alex is in Fuschia but it's an older season bag and hard to find. The leather is thick and lovely.

    Kooba Alex.JPG
  3. A balenciaga city in magenta.. (don't have any pics, but check the Bbag section)
  4. Mulberry has several Magenta coloured bags, including Bayswater:

  5. Balenciaga ;)
    Coach used to have signature bags in magenta...not sure if they were discontinued or not??
    LV has Framboise vernis [discontinued] but you could try eBay.
    I know Juicy Couture always has some wild colors..might not be your taste though as they're a bit "young" I'm 15 and even I'm not really feeling the styles of their bags...the bowlers are okay though.
  6. Yeah, I'd love a Magenta bbag... anyone want to part with theirs? :p:rolleyes:

    I've been checking eBay, but, no luck. Are there any other sites or places which are reliable for finding these older bags?

    Figures I like something LE! :push:
  7. 11-gatsby-garnet.jpg 14-metallic-rose.jpg
  8. Lanvin!! Obvious choice, this year!
  9. Here's an e.g. from LVR!
  10. Marc Jacobs!
  11. Oh and LV also makes a denim speedy in that color!
  12. You should still be able to order an 07 Limited Edition Magenta from Balenciaga. They are due to arrive in September.
  13. [​IMG] not sure if this is fuchsia or magenta

    Shown here in:

  14. Did I miss it? Who makes this bag? It looks familiar......