Suggestions for an orange leather bag?


Apr 7, 2007
I've been looking for an orange leather bag to fill a hole in my bag closet, to no avail. I really like the Balenciaga Day in last season's tangerine color, but I could no longer find it now.

Can anyone suggest a nice orange leather bag? Here are my specifications:

1- Preferably shoulder bag or hobo style (like the Balenciaga Day). I'm ok with a satchel style for as long as there is a long strap.

2- No saffiano leather please (no offense, just not my type)

3- Large, something similar to the Balenciaga Day in size.

4- Maximum price would be around US$1,200.00


I Love Soft Leather!
May 4, 2012
Linea Pelle has a Poppy Orange tote. The leather is so so soft. I love their bags. dylan-medium-tote-orange-poppy-07_1.jpg