Suggestions for an everyday/school bag?


Nov 16, 2011
I've been using a speedy 40 as my everyday/school bag but stupidly I didn't get it with a strap so my hand start to hurt from having heavy books in it and sometimes an ipad or netbook. I love my speedy 40 and it's less than 5 months old and want to put it on ice for a while and get something really simple instead.
I was looking at the neverfull GM and the Artsy GM.. I really want a big room bag.
My only dislike about the neverfull is that it's too "open" and wouldn't want anyone robbing me of the contents of the bag. My issue with the Artsy is that it only has one strap and it might fall off my shoulder.
Any suggestions would be great!
Dec 19, 2008
The Artsy would probably be too heavy for school, IMO. I think the Neverfull or Palermo would be a nice school bag.


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Nov 15, 2010
I am considering getting a NF GM Ebene to use at college next fall and I did some investigating here and found that it would work best with a Purse to Go organizer that zips shut to protect and organize your items and I'd also be able to fit in my 13" Macbook Pro + books if need be. I'd want to cinch it up though... An alternative is the Totally, which looks a little like the NF IMO, but I like the less structured look of the NF since it suits my style!


Dec 10, 2009
i have an Artsy and it can get really heavy with laptop and books. I think the Neverfull straps would hurt because they are so thin. I got the Cabas Beaubourg for Christmas and I can carry a laptop and Ipad. It has a zip pocket and the straps are great. I am a mom and I will use it as a kick around bag when I am toting my four year old around. It is from the men's line but I hear tons of women buy it!
If you want to see more detailed pics let me know and i will be happy to take some


Jan 22, 2011
Katy Tx
I would do a Neverfull GM .I have one and there's no way anyone's getting there hand in it while it's being carried . You could always do a purse insert like suggested .
Definitely not an artsy! It would be too heavy !
Jul 18, 2011
I have the Neverfull GM and Love it! You can always cinch in sides to make it a little harder to get into at the top. But when wearing the Neverfull I've never felt like someone could just reach into it... I love my Neverfull and keep my Macbook pro in it and work papers and it is fine! I also use it as an everyday purse. I recommend it 100%! Good luck with your decision :smile:


Mar 27, 2009
Perth, Western Australia
My vote goes to a Neverfull GM, I'm planning on getting one within the next two months (before my uni starts up again), so many girls at my uni have a NF MM or GM. They can take a heavy load and I haven't heard of anyone on our campus having things stolen out of their bag. I've used my faithful vintage Gucci tote for years and it is very similar to the NF, completely open top and nothing was ever taken out or even fell out...

Best of luck with your decision!
Nov 24, 2010
Have to go with the Totally GM here!! Perfect bag for school. For the money I just feel like the Neverfull is cheaply made. JMO lots of people have them and the straps are to thin and can dig into your shoulder if heavy!


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Aug 13, 2011
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at my college, the only girls who carry neverfulls are girls who don't need to really carry a decent sized laptop or textbooks, maybe one textbook and a note book. yes the neverfull can carry more, but it cuts sharply into your shoulder. a couple of my friends regretted the neverfull because it was too uncomfortable to carry all their books with a bag with such thin straps. they bought it because of the lower price point but they regret it. i would go with the west minister, its a lot more comfortable and I haven't heard a single regret from friends who ended up purchasing it.