Suggestions for an every-day-throw-it-around kind of bag?

  1. I had finally decided on an AC mini city tote in tan. I thought that color would go with everything and was versatile enough to go everywhere with me on the weekend. But, the two stores I've ordered it from have cancelled each order (OT rant here: this drives me nuts. If you have an online store, *please* have live updates for your inventory).

    So...if anyone has suggestions for where I can get the AC in tan, that would be wonderful. But, I'd also welcome suggestions for a similar go-with-everything kind of bag.

  2. It's so funny that you say that...I just ordered the ac mini city tote in butterscotch from and can't wait to get it. In the meantime, yesterday was the off 5th sale and I picked up the following Linea Pelle which I took out for a spin today and LOVE IT! Mine is so distressed looking, it looks like it was beaten up and I plan to love it back to health!!!!

    Dakota Adjustable Strap Satchel at Linea Pelle
  3. I actually have the Anna Corinna mini city tote in tobacco and I find it to be the perfect every day bag. It is versatile, you can throw stuff in it, and you can wear it on your shoulder, wrist or in your hand. Another bag that is perfect for everyday is the Rebecca Minkoff mini morning after---you can find it on activeendeavors, jcmadison, ravinstyle, and

  4. This looks like a great style! Do you mind me asking how much you paid for yours at off Fifth? We have one by us and I'm wondering if it's worth another look around there....
  5. I don't mind at all. I had a 25% off coupon which was over yesterday so with tax it came to $206. I think it must have been about $260 without the coupon but I don't remember. If you are good at math, which I am not, maybe you can figure it out.... Who would think algebra would come in handy to buy bags!! Anyway I got this at off 5th in Sunrise, FL and they had quite a few of this style (though only in black) and other styles as well. I really loved taking her out today!!
  6. Just found this and remembered you wanted it:

    Luna Boston | Mini City Tote Details

    Hope this helps! I ordered one from AE which has been shipped and I can't wait to get it!!! Good Luck.
  7. The AC mini tote does look sooooo cute!!!!!!!!