Suggestions for an every day Chanel purchase

  1. I am looking for a new Chanel, :love: and since we dont have much seclection down here and was going to NYC anyway to visit my fiance's famiely ... I would love a couple of sugestions from fellow lover's of Chanel's timless look ... I am looking to spend around $2000 any sugestions?
    - much thanks :amuse:
  2. $2000 is an excellent budget for Chanel! I would suggest a quilted tote... I recommend my own bag left and right, it's just so perfect. With tax I paid around $1200 for mine. Cristina also has a really perfect everyday Chanel tote, maybe she can post it for you -- although I think hers might be *slightly* above $2000.

    This is the bag I use daily:

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  3. I'll second that tote suggestion! ;)

    I have both a red caviar and lambskin shoulder totes and they work better for me than a classic Chanel flap bag. I do love those too though. The gray tote is what I'm carrying right now.
  4. I have the caviar tote in black, here is a photo.


    It is a great everyday bag, very comfortable on the shoulder. It comes in black, beige, pink and white. It was less than $2k :nuts: It's a fabulous, functional bag. It has an open interior patch pocket, zipped interior pocket and outside back pocket. Definitely worth the money, in my opinion!
  5. Oh goooood, less than $2K! Sorry to misinform!
  6. Chanel cerf tote: $1850.
  7. I just today got the lambskin -Luxury line -tote- in black...and it is by far the most amazing bag I have ever seen!Having it shipped to avoid taxes and to get EGC Gc at Saks...will post pics at the end of the week for you to see-I HIGHLY recommend this line....I am so excited to get this bag!( it was 2285.00)- 300.00 EGC GC!!
  8. Love your red tote!:love:
  9. Ooooh, LOVING these photos!!!
  10. when i newly bought this caviar tote bag i used it as my weekend bag.....then later i used it as my everyday day.
    Picture 074.jpg
  11. :-O 0o0o0 look at all the chanel!
  12. I too would suggest a tote bag. I have one in gold. The color looks odd in the photo ... sorry ...
  13. I'd also suggest a nice caviar tote to use as an everyday bag!
  14. Thank you ladies so very much ! Not only do I feel more educated about a good selection from fellow designer bag lovers... But I also got to see alll those lovely pictures !!
    I defintly like the beautiful tote ...:love:
    evey one's bags are soooooo beautiful
    -thanks for all thhe response

  15. OMG i love this bag, is it the medium or the large mega shopper?