Suggestions for an evening bag?

  1. I have a black epi pochette and a black MC Wapity. I need something more roomy and one that I can use for dressy to casual outfits. I was thinking Sonatine :biggrin: Any suggestions?
  2. The sonatine is a great idea for an evening bag-thats mostly when I use it. It holds my clef ( WITH A COUPLE OF CREDIT CARDS AND A HOUSE /CAR KEY), a compact, lipstick, nokia cell phone, a small brush/comb and a few kleenex.
    I like to use it when I go to lunch with my girlfriends too.
    I especially like that its handheld,so elegant! I always get complements when I carry it.
    LV just goes up to fast. I paid 465.00, three years ago and now its 585.00-UGH!
  3. The Sonatine is really pretty. I love the Recital too. :biggrin:
  4. If you can still find some at stores, I really like the satin line. There's the mini alma and mini papillon, and they're really elegant yet I think they could be worn with something a little more casual.
  5. Sonatine is a good choice I think.
  6. Vernis Lexington all the way! And I would take Ayla's suggestion and get something in satin; it's very understanded, but very pretty! The satin comes in red, black, and beige I think ... and besides what Ayla already mentioned, there's a satin boulounge too ...
  7. How about the epi Honfleur in black or red or mandarin? You can use it as a handbag or clutch.
  8. maybe something from the Vernis line would be nice :smile:
    good luck!
  9. A satin one will be real nice!!!
  10. sonatine is really nice
  11. Yes ! I forgot about the boulonge ! :shame:

    Pursegalsf - have you decided on which one yet ? ;)
  12. Sonatines are gooooorgeous. :love: It's on my list too. So... basically everything is on my list. haha. I've wanted a Sonatine for the longest time, but I love big bags so much that it's hard for me to spend the money on a little thing.
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