Suggestions for an Evening Bag?

  1. Hi all!

    I need some suggestions from you Coach lovers!
    Last night, my fiance took me to an evening ballet and noticed that my evening bag was not black (I was using a Dior saddle pouch and it was blue). I do not own a black evening type bag cause all my bags are big tote sizes. He asked me if I had a black evening bag and I said no, I do not hae one. So he said he would get me one! Yayyyyyyyyyy! Now, I need your help in finding a Coach evening-type bag in black. I want to go with leather. I love Coach and Dior but I think Dior costs a bit too much and with Coach I can hopefully convince him to get a matching wallet or wristlet with the bag! Hehe. So any suggestions on what would be a good black bag from Coach to take out on the evenings? Thanks in advance ladies!
  2. the black Carly Leather Demi looks like it would be a great evening bag.You are a lucky girl !
  3. Wow, what a nice fiance! Do you want something formal, or just something somewhat dressy that you could dress up or down? Also, how much stuff do you want to carry in it? Would just a clutch work, or do you need to carry more?

    How about these?

    Legacy leather flap

    Hamptons pebbled leather small hobo
    legacy flap black.JPG hamptons hobo.JPG
  4. Most evening bags I've ever had or seen (Coach & non-Coach) are not leather. Are you set on leather?

    ETA: I do think the Madison Flap in black leather could be an evening bag. I forgot about that. I think they are no longer in the stores or outlets, check eBay. It is cute and has the legacy stripe lining.
  5. ^^I agree!^^
  6. Wow, great suggestions ladies! I am not really set on leather, but it just looks nice cause all my Coach bags are Signature print so I thought I would go with a leather bag.

    Now I am torn between two bags suggested! I love the Legacy black flap and the Carly demi! Ahhhhhhh! Both are so pretty!

    Well, I definitely do not carry much when going out for the evening. I usually just have my cell phone, credit card and drivers license, and some cash. Oh, and lip gloss! So not much in my bag when I go out.

    Carly or tough to decide now!
  7. I'm gonna vote for the Carly demi. Sooo cute!
  8. Oh, the Madison is very cute! Jeez, I need to get off of here today...I might just wind up buying something else and I definitely have no money for that!
  9. Wow, I totally forgot about the Madison! I do not live near a Coach outlet to check to see if they may have it by a slim chance. If they totally still had it at Coach I would probably decide on that one. It looks so classy! I love it! It is so funny, I never ever thought about evening bags til last night. I am a total shoulder tote girl who throws everything into a tote bag and when it is formal date night I never have the right bag to carry to match my outfit!

    I am still torn between the Carly demi and Legacy flap. LOL. This is the second time my fiance is buying me a bag so it is really meaningful to me. I buy bags occasionally throughout the year but when he buys me one it means alot since he (like many men! LOL) do not understand how us women can drop so much on bags.
  10. For an evening bag I would suggest either the madison or the zoe.

    check outlets, macys, dillards, and eBay
  11. It's an addiction that can't be overcome...and shouldn't have to be! :yes:

    Have you ever thought of maybe a nice wristlet if you can't find a bag that suits you?