suggestions for an envelope style clutch?

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  1. I'm looking for one of those clutches that looks like a leather envelope. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  2. VBH has nice envelope clutches. Check If you buy now, you can get them for a couple hundred off!
  3. there's NO advertising here, nor is there any buying/selling here.
  4. Lauren Merkin (Neiman's and others carry her clutches) has some kind of envelope style. Not sure if they're in your price range. I think they are $200 and up.
  5. VBH is more then i want to spend, but I LOVE them!
    passerby, it is very cute, but I'm looking for something more structured for formal events, though thanks!
    laura merkin seems a good fit! thanks boxermom!
  6. You're welcome, aarti! ;)
  7. I can't thinkof any at the top of my head exactly..but just wanted to say that I love envelope style clutches!