Suggestions for a total makeup newbie?

  1. So....I've never worn makeup in my entire life. Not even once. :push: I don't even know the terminology!! However, I've been noticing that girls who wear makeup always just look more put-together and fashionable than girls who don't, all other things equal. :p I don't want to overwhelm myself at this point, since I'm sure there is a whole art of cosmetics for me to learn here, but is there ONE easy thing I can put on that will make a huge difference and will make me look instantly more put-together? :shrugs: Say, blush? eye shadow? ...that's pretty much all i know of. lol. ideas???
  2. i am a makeup minimalist. i usually never wear make-up and when i do, i just put on a little bit. mostly because i am very lazy and i would rather sleep a few more minutes in the morning than put on makeup.

    there are some things that you can do to look instantly gorgeous without going overboard. mascara, eyeliner, and a little eyeshadow can do a lot! especially the mascara. also, a little light tint on your lips is good. i try to avoid blush because i think it looks weird on me. good luck! try just the basics at first. i'm still on the basics too... but they seem to work out fine for me.
  3. I'd suggest starting with a nice blush and a good mascara, so that it still looks natural. If you've never worn make-up you'd look silly if you suddenly slapped loads on!! So definitly keep it natural.
  4. I second gemski107. Try curling your lashes, putting a little mascara (I recommend Shiseido's Lasting Lift), and maybe a bit of blush. BeneFit's Benetint is a very natural colour and doubles up as cheek/lip stain. Then a dab of clear gloss and you're good to go!
  5. do i know which blush or mascara to get? do i just look at the box and guesstimate? would i have to go to like sephora and try everything on (which would be :shame:smile:?
  6. i'm a make up newbie too as i've never done my own make up before. i went to a cosmetic night 2 days ago and got a make up consultation. the make up artist recommended colours to suit my skin tone...i ended up buying mascara, a lipgloss, eyeshadow, and a shimmering blush. oh, and also make up remover and eyelash curler. she chose very neutral colours for me so that it looks natural.
    i'd think that it's best to get a consultation?
    hope this helps:flowers:
  7. you just need to go to a major cosmetics place such as Sephora or a department store and kind of float around and check out all of the makeup. you can ask for help from someone who works there, or you can experiment and find what color blush you think suits you the best. as for mascara, what are you looking for in it? since you say you're new to makeup, you might just want a lengthening mascara or something very natural. i would recommend trying Kiss Me mascara by Blinc. you can get this at sephora.

    hope this helps!
  8. I'd recommend starting with mascara and a little tinted lip gloss. You can play around with a light brown, brown/black or black mascara depending on your coloring.
  9. I also recommend starting with mascara - really opens up ones eyes - and a tinted lip gloss.
  10. Like everyone else has said, dont start off with too much. I would recommend a mascara, a nice light blush, and maybe some lip gloss. If you are unsure of what to get, a SA at the counter will be able to help, but dont let them pressure you into feeling you need a ton of stuff.