Suggestions for a teal purse??

  1. Ever since I saw a pic with rachel mcadams carrying this old DKNY bag

    I've been on the hunt for a teal/green leather bag.:drool: I'm not particularly fond of the style itself, it's the color i'm after...
    Any help ladies???
  2. What's your budget, please?
  3. I love the bag! Hot color!
  4. 17643-viewsize300-front.jpg 17644-viewsize300-front.jpg 6627-378023-p.jpg
  5. How curious - I think of 'teal' as the colour of the first bag in Passerby's three options - a sort of green/grey/blue whereas the bag in the first picture is a bright green to me, probably I'd call it Emerald. Do I need glasses :blink:? Are others seeing the same shade and calling it 'teal'?
  6. I agree with the turquoise/teal Coach Ergo hobo... gorgeous color!! :yes:

    Also, depending on the price range you are looking for, Balenciaga has some GREAT blue/green colors for spring... Aquamarine(Cobalt) - a turquoise blue or Anthracite - a darker Jade based grey...

    I REALLY like the Ani bag that ThisIsMyPurse suggested as well... I may have to check those out.
  7. I'm with you Miss Sooky, maybe a Brit, American language barrier.
  8. totally with you miss sooky, thats green, emerald green at that! but still, a fabulous colour!
  9. Not sure what your budget is, but, I have an balenciaga teal day purse, and I love it. I will post pictures later.