Suggestions for a tan messenger bag

  1. Hi ladies,
    Do you have any suggestions for a large and hip tan messenger bag below $1000? I appreciate all suggestions! ;)
  2. I know these arent very tan, but -
    NMM9900_mp.jpg NMM9254_mp.jpg NMV5469_mp.jpg thesak.jpg 172404.jpg
  3. A messenger bag for a baseball fan :biggrin:

    Rawlings Sports Accessories $199-99

    Found this on Amazon:

    David King Leather Luggage East West Full Flap Messenger - $64-95
    Product Description

    Product Description
    Cell phone pocket, ID pocket and pen slots. Features a full flap, which closes with two magnetic snaps for security. Wide, adjustable shoulder strap. Two open pockets on the front as well as zip pockets on the flap and on the back. Cell phone pocket, ID pocket and pen slots. Hardware fittings are elegantly finished in matte silver11.50"h x 16.00"w x 4.00"d = 699.20 cu." (31.5 Linear inches) Expanded: 11.50"h x 16.00"w x 4.00"d = 699.20 cu." (31.5 Linear inches).

    Not in tan:
    Mulholland Brothers All Leather Messenger Bag - $460
    David King Leather Simple Vertical Messenger - $72
    Clava Everyday Sling - $106
    David King Leather Porthole Brief with Inside Organizer - $110
  4. smashing examples, passerby! you always find such great stuff!
  5. Thanks, Greenie. :biggrin: Just thank Amazon - they have a great search engine.

    Anytime (well, preferably over the weekend) you don't have time to search for something reasonably-priced, feel free to ask :biggrin:

    Have you seen J P Ourse cat and dog motif lines?
    J P Ourse Motif Collection Checkbook Cat - $40

    J P Ourse Motif Collection Tote Cat - $125

    Have fun on their website:
  6. You guys are great!!!! Thanks for all these inputs! I especially loved the Lucky Brand one. That's so my type!
  7. I think the Anna Corinna bags are great. However, many people from this forum have commented that the quality isn't all that...
  8. Coach makes a couple nice ones: the first is $248; the second is $298
    coach messenger.jpg coach mono messenger.jpg
  9. Sorry to hear that about the Anna C bags.

    Thoughts on this Levenger, please. Wonder what the quality of the leather is like.|PageID=4457|Level=2-3
    Dubliner Messenger Bag - now$169-95

    Dubliner Messenger Bag
    Price: $228 Now $169.95 Save $58.05

    This tote is doubly attractive for fall. The Dubliner Messenger is a stylish mix of leather and suede.
    Soft suede front
    Back and bottom are smooth full-grain leather
    Polished nickel buckles
    2 roomy main compartments that hold letter-size papers
    2 saddle pockets on the front for cell phone, PDA, junior-size note pad and other small items
    Interior zip pocket
    2 exterior side pockets with snap closures
    Back stash pocket with a covered zipper
    Adjustable shoulder strap
    Faille lining
    Metal feet
    2½ pounds
    14½”W x 5”D x 10½”H
  10. Caponahottinroof, here's an Elisa Atheniense (it sure is difficult to remember the spelling) messenger that's my favourite so far (if only I could afford it, alas I can't):
    Elise Atheniense stud 2-pocket shoulder - $705 on blondette

    Same bag on
    goes for $735

    Elissa A has another messenger bag (in caramel, this time):
    Lotus messenger - $725

    If you are anywhere near the New York area, you might wish to drop into Bagshop, they have the Elissa A messenger: