Suggestions for a Small LV Wallet

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  1. Allo All,

    I have been using a MC Coin Purse for the last 3 years and I need a new wallet small enough to fit into my Pochette, as well as have a compartment for change.

    I was thinking of the Koala Change Purse (unavailable in Singapore currently) or the Ludlow...

    Any suggestions? :girlsigh:
  2. The zippy coin purse (only available in mono) is a new one that has some great features and a great price point.
  3. Oh its cute! But it would be even cuter in Damier... Do you know when this purse came out? :wlae:
  4. I think it just came out in November. I would love it in vernis, but I think it will be some time before that happens, if ever. Damier would be cute too, but not sure how long you would need to wait.
  5. I have the Koala and I really love it....
  6. Yup I am loving the Vernis more and more. I wan to get the Pomme Vernis Ludlow is possible but I think it is out of stock. It's such a popular colour! :crybaby:
  7. Hi Bel,

    Which Koala do you have, the change purse, the card holder or the wallet?

    Pics, pleaseeeeeee! :flowers:
  8. What about the dentelle ludlow or the T&B Cles???
  9. Hmm which is the dentelle ludlow?

    I checked out the T&B Key and Change Holder but the site did not show me how it looked inside so I am assuming if it has no compartments then all my cards, money and change will be one big jumbled mess. :push:
  10. I have the T&B cles and it does has a compartment inside ... I placed my mono cles inside to show that it is slightly larger than a normal cles:yes:
  11. Thankies babe for showing me your pretty cles! It's definitely worth a consideration!

    I have that Damier Bear Brooch as well, but once one of the eyes fell out, and I could not figure out if it came from the Damier or Monogram one so now they are just sitting forlornly in my brooch drawer! :s
  12. ^^ really ...I have had my brooches since they were first released a while ago and nothing has happened to them ..I would have returned them to LV to see if they could repair them...poor teddies:sad: I think the pomme ludlow is a great choice:tup:
  13. I studied in Perth for 3 years and the SAs at the LV boutique there were so very nice.

    Since I came back to Singapore, my interest in LV has waned due to the rude, very condescending LV staff we have here. I doubt they would have given me time of day if I had asked them to help me check the eyes of my teddies! :yucky:

    I am gonna call up my customer service to see if they can locate me a pomme ludlow. Do you think there would be nicer colours coming out for Spring/Summer though?
  14. I have the ludlow in pomme and I love it!

    It has enough space for my importants cards and a pouch for my money (I fold the bills). And the price is sweet too!
  15. Oh and you have the pomme heart purse as well! I so want that, but it is out of stock now! Do you know if its seasonal or if they would come out with more? :graucho: