suggestions for a shoulder bag for going out?

  1. I sort of asked this question in connection with a different question so I apologize for asking again. I am looking for a bag that I can throw over my shoulder for when I go out at night. I want something somewhat durable so was thinking of a Balenciaga First. An LV epi is another option. Can anyone suggest any other style? I would like something bigger than the LV pouchette but maybe smaller the First. Thanks for your help!
  2. What about dior saddle?? Or fendi baguette?? Maybe bottega veneta viva italia bags?? Or Chloe paddy? Or chanel 2.55? Or hermes constance? Or hermes bolides? Or lady dior shoulder bag? Or something from D&G? Or ferragamo sepheria? Or chanel ligne cambon shoulder bags? Or celine clandestine? So many......
  3. thanks! some of those are too big and heavy for me like the paddy (and too expensive like the hermes, BV, Chanel, etc...) i read mixed things about the small celine clandestine. i will check out some of the others.
  4. More suggestions.....dior gaucho?? Prada logo jacguard?? Valentino shoulder bags?? Or even gucci..don't know what's it's called but the one with bamboo details?? YSL should have other than the muse tote. Or have you tried out Loewe?? The Amazon range?? Very beautiful and comes in various colors.
  5. I always thought the LV Croissant was a cute shoulder bag.
  6. How about an LV Epi Honfleur? It's slightly larger than the Epi Pochette and it has 4 credit card slots on the inside. It also has an adjustable/removable shoulder strap.
  7. There are cheaper ones like Kate Spade, Moschino, Escada, Roberto Cavalli, Anteprima, Anya Hindmarch......I'm not familiar with their bags but they should have shoulder bags which comes in various beautiful designs and amazing colors.
  8. I agree with you Selena, LV croissant is a very cute bag!!!
  9. thanks for the suggestions. i am ok with going up to $1000 -- but that is somewhat flexible depending on the bag.

    most of the discussion on this board seems to be about day bags so was curious what most carry at night (when they aren't carrying a clutch or something fancy).
  10. i just checked out the LV croissant on Elux. that is cute. i don't own anything yet with the monogram. i see a lot of the pouchettes around but this is different.
  11. I vote the Balenciaga first...and again the Hayden-Hartnett clutch that a couple of PF members have. There are some great colors and the leather is fab.
  12. the balenciaga first doesn't fit easily on shoulders... don't buy unless you try it on first! but then, you could always use the shoulder strap!
  13. Hi. How about a Whiting and Davis mesh hobo?
    $183-60 now

    Or Whiting and Davis Mesh Shoulder Bag with Croc Trim?

    $194-40 (on Zappos, it's available for $169-95 up till this Friday)

    Monsac Items Flap Petite Shoulder - $135
  14. How about Andrea Brueckner's Saddle Bag? It's available in White, Black, Olive, and Brown. Lucky magazine recommended the bag in the Feb 2006 issue -- can hang a cardigan on the side (very nice feature). Small is $325 USD, Medium is $425, Large is $525. Every now and then, online retailers offer promotional discount (up to 30% off) to lower the price further.