Suggestions for a purse party?

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  1. My mother in law wants to have a purse party and she asked me what type of purses she should have at the party. It will be women in there late 20's and older. I told her she should have Chloe,Coach, and Chanel.She is going to have at least 50 purses there that she wants to sell. It will be her first purse party she has thrown. Any Suggestions?
  2. Good luck with getting help. Purse parties = fakes. Nobody here supports fakes.
  3. ^Agree. Purse party? I'm thinking of fake Coach purses.
  4. yikes,sorry we do not support the sales of fake purses on here, there are many good reads on this site explaning why, just look for the search button.
  5. closing....we dont support fakes here.sorry.
  6. 1st important lesson about the Purse Forum. . . we do not condone the perpetuation of marketing fakes.
    If anyone tells you their Chloes, Coaches and Chanels are real, bought wholesale or have defects no one can see yada yada yada. . . they're lying to you.
    It's illegal Hon, I'd suggest to your Mom to stay far away from them.
    Do a search, see for yourself who makes them {young children/child slave labor} and who benefits from them {terrorists, drug dealers, etc. . . }
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.