Suggestions for a new wallet!

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  1. Hi guys! Okay, I'm tired of my chocolate brown woven Bottega Veneta wallet which I've been using now for 2 and a half years. I need to replace it. It's foldable and can hold about 10 cards and has a change zip on the side. Any suggestions on new wallets?
  2. LV has beautiful wallets.
  3. Thanks, though maybe some other brand?
  4. Jill posted pics of her very cute (and functional) Prada wallet. If you browse Styledrops or Bluefly, you might be able to find something like that.
  5. What a cute wallet. Thanks for posting! I love zippered wallets!

    Kate Spade makes some great wallets. I tend to like zipper wallets so I know everything is secure. I have an canvas LV zippered wallet, an aqua kate spade continental zippered wallet, and a mulberry in the most delightful apple green.
  6. i like this one....
    this one....

    and finally this one...

  7. That pink wallet is really nice, how about an icon there were a few in Nordstrom, Nordstrom had a few colors that were nice in their brand. Its hard to shop on line for wallets. If you can get to a mall go to Bloomingdales and Nordstrom you may find one you love.
  8. I love that orange Epi!

    How about something bright and colorful? Even if I wasn't in the first stages of spring fever I'd suggest this.

    My yellow and pink wallets cheer me and they're a snap to find in any bag. Cheers you while you're doling out the cash:lol: ;)
  9. Thanks guys for your help. I would like a bright colorful one I think I'm leaning towards a Hermes wallet. I might pop by the store tomorrow and have a look and if they have some bright colors. Does anyone have a Hermes wallet?
  10. I don't know if I could choose between the white MC or the orange EPI :amuse:
  11. On ebags (I think there should be an extra key on my keyboard "ebags"), Rolf leather wallets get excellent reviews.

    Rolfs Charmont Tab Zip Around Clutch - usual $19-99, now $17-99

    Has anyone bought any of their stuff?