Suggestions for a new purse suitable for a formal work environment?


Dec 10, 2006
I'm considering taking a job in a hedge fund, where the environment is rather formal - French cuff shirts, jackets, etc. I'm having a ton of fun picking out cuff links and Thomas Pink shirts.

Now I'm only 22 years old, and I find traditional briefcases to be a little bit stodgy and square. My boyfriend suggested the Louis Vuitton Epi briefcase - but, it's a briefcase. Besides, I think he would secretly steal it away from me!

I like Balenciaga's bags because they are so roomy, and it would be nice to fit all my papers and possibly a laptop inside. But, I would be concerned about how "appropriate" it would be for my work environment, given how distressed they are.

Now, I'm not *that* familiar with all the different purses out there (I know! Heresy!), so I was hoping to get people's input.

Oh, and I'm also not the type that likes to switch purses frequently - so I would like something good for general purpose use. (Another reason why the LV Epi briefcase is rather out of the question.) And of course, there's a chance that I don't take this job because I don't feel like selling my soul for fun and profit :P but a new purse would still be nice!
For something briefcasey, I know that Bown Designs has a lovely case called "keep it brief" that you might like. I thought of it right away when I saw your avatar...she uses a company in Spain that is famous for making fine quality saddles and harnesses. Its fun to read the designers diary she has, too. She has some pretty totes that will hold a laptop, too.

This is not as "briefcase-y" as some others are....but looks like great leather and craftsmanship.


I am sure you will get lots of great suggestions here for purses, too.

Good luck, I hope you dont have to sell your soul! And you still have time to ride your horse (dressage??):yes:
Thanks for the suggestion, I'll check out the "Keep it Brief." I ride hunt seat with my horse, Chili. He's older than I am, but still amazingly spritely. couldn't imagine spending more than $2000 on a purse.
I'm embarrassed now! I thought you might've been male because of the dress code and the briefcase...sorry! Anyway, how about hayden-harnett? I like the look of this laptop bag:

Plus they have some coupons valid until the 15th.
The first bag that came to my head is the Mulberry Bayswater. I'm not exactly sure how big this is, but I imagine it could work as a briefcase/laptop bag.

There is also a similar larger version by Mulberry called Piccadily weekend bag. It might be too big and roomy though.
Ahh, hunt seat! It was hard to tell from the pic...

Welcome to the forum!

I also wanted to add that I did get a Hayden Harnett Hudson Hobo to use for everyday, that model is way to casual for your purpose, but the leather is very nice and supple, and it holds up nicely in the occasional downpour here.

Happy hunting (both kinds), and be sure to check the deals and steals section for any possible sales, coupons, or codes. They can sometimes be combined with ******, too, for rebates.

:idea: Oh, BTW, I got my HH bag from, 20% off to TPF members with code grechen.
i mentioned this one someone else's thread today but my two choices would be from louis vuitton.

either the batignolles horizontal if you like monogram or the epi passy (they have a handheld that is the size of the bh or a gm i think that sits on the shoulder) they are epi bags and come in red, black and canelle which is a nice tan color. great bags and perfect for work or weekend!