Suggestions for a light color Chanel?

  1. I was looking at my bags and found a perfect excuse for purchasing a bag :idea: - most of my bags are on the dark side. The four Chanels I own are especially dark - black and burgundy.

    I would love to add a white or a light color Chanel bag with silver hardware. No Cambons - I don't think I can handle the babying that seems to be a requirement. Not another reissue, either, as much as I love the design and chain.

    Perhaps Caviar - but what to get? I want a structured bag, a size close to my 2.55 size 226 reissue.
  2. I know they are coming out w/ silver and gold flaps soon... oh... and the DIAMOND STITCH bags are brushed deerskin, but they are coming in off-white...
  3. japskvit,
    Flaps, as in classic flap in gold and silver? Caviar?
  4. not caviar.... reissues!!!
  5. how about the petit shopping in white/silver hw?
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