Suggestions for a Leather Portfolio?

  1. For work, that is. I write a lot for work, and would like a portfolio with a few slots to store business cards and miscellaneous stuff. I'm picky and have to write on a padded surface (I can't just write on a single sheet of paper on a desk without padding it with a notepad or whatnot, kwim?) so a portfolio will partially serve that purpose as well.

    Okay, so here's what I'm looking for: A leather (preferably black) portfolio, with -or- without the zip around, with a pen slot and a few slots for cards.

    Any suggestions? Pics/links would be appreciated too! :idea:
  2. There's this one by Smythson

    I prefer this one, also by Smythson
    I'll post more if I see any. :smile: Hope this helps

    There's actually a wider range available at their site.
  3. Coach, Levenger, and Aspinal of London make nice business leather goods, and See Jane Work has a few pretty folios as well. I went with Aspinal since they have the loveliest shades of pink, but you can't go wrong with any of the shops I linked to.
  4. That one off eBags is really nice passerby! Looks good in red too.


    I've actually been looking for a leather notepad as well for my summer class, but I'll probably just go to Office Depot. or something.

    I want one thats refillable with regular 8x11 notepads that you slip in from the side, not the top.
  5. Hi abandoned, what's Office Depot?
  6. It's an office supply store, I think (at least around here it is :biggrin:)
  7. Cheers, Perja. :biggrin:
  8. The Coach Outlet usually carries these. They are around $100.
  9. I have a few "leather-like" zip around ones from work that I can send to a few of you if you want one. No charge... They are black.

    They have an imprint on them though...but it's free - so PM me if you want. I've got about 5 of them.
  10. I happened upon this thread when searching for suggestions for leather portfolios. Thanks for the above suggestions!! Thought I'd see if there were any more updated suggestions/recommendations/favorites? TIA!!