Suggestions for a "kick-around" bag

  1. Hello! I am in need of a new kick-around bag. I use that term for my everyday large bag that can take me through a low-key work week when I'm too lazy to switch out my weekend bag! I used to carry the MbyMJ softy faridah spring 07 edition, but she's no longer with us and I am not loving the newer versions of the softy. Currently, I am carrying a Barney's label tote that's nice, but I have truly kicked it around and it's starting to show. :shame:

    I've been thinking about the Anna Corinna city tote, but am worried that the drop is too small for comfortable shoulder carry which is a requirement for my kick-around bag. I've also considered the MbyMJ Quinn, but when I try it on it seems just a little too thick. It doesn't fit under my elbow perfectly when I have it on my shoulder.

    What are your go-to, everyday, kick-around bags? What bag has the right size, the right feel and just works for you? I need smooshy, but durable. Big, but comfortable enough to rest my elbow on it, too. I would prefer a zip top or other secure closure just to keep all my crap, uh, I mean important items that must travel with me everwhere, safe. :p Thanks in advance and pictures or links are appreciated!
  2. How about a Tano? They are good quality, hold a LOT, come in lots of fun colors and are very reasonably priced! I have a X-roads which is the crunch leather - though it isn't really crunchy at all, it's soft and slightly shinny and very durable. Mine has a magnetic closure at the top but there might be some good ones with a zip top if that's what you're needing. You can find them at!
  3. Linea Pelle's bags are great "kick around bags." Theres another thread regarding the wear and tear these bags can take written w/in the last 3 or 4 days. I put a lot of wear and tear on mine and I absolutely love all of them I have. has them on sale right now with an additional 25% off discount (code KATA25).
  4. I use my Ani Nadia for a kick around. The leather is really nice and it looks even better with a little wear on it.
  5. i just bought the Angie Speedy in aubergine. It came to 350.00 with the discount code (including shipping) Thanks for the discount code sonOz. you rock!!
  6. What about a Coach Carly (sig or leather)? Good size, and they hold up very well.
  7. I've read some bad reviews on the Anna Corinna city tote on TPF I would look into that one a bit more before you decide on it.

    I agree with bell of the ball I have two tanos and I love them!!! so many different shapes and colors and durable which I need since I can be ruff on my bags. they're pretty affordable too.
  8. If you haven't tried one out, definitely check out Rebecca Minkoff bags. I just got one (all the rest of my bags are high end designer) and it's amazing. The quality and style are tdf!
  9. what color is aubergine??? Do you have pics?? TIA!!:confused1:
  10. I agree with the TANO but I'm wondering if that current Barney's brand bag isn't a Tano already?? :confused1:
  11. RM, MAM mini!
  12. How about the Louis Vuitton Lockit Horizontal? It's got nice rolled handles for straps, is very lightweight, and holds a TON. Although it is Vuitton, Vuitton items are very durable and built to LAST. I love mine!!
  13. I'm using a Fossil fifty-four Amanda satchel right now. Love it![​IMG]
  14. id vote tano as well