Suggestions for a "jotter/diary"

  1. I'm looking for a, what some brands call a "jotter" or a "diary". It's not an agenda, but is similar. Basically it's just a fancy note pad. I really like the Hermes one, but I would have to buy on Ebay since there is not an Hermes store for hundreds of miles, in my area. Anyone have any other suggestions as to what the other brands out there have? :flowers:
  2. Moleskine. Not expensive, but very pretty and functional.
  3. You know, Hermes would ship something like that to you if you would prefer to purchase from the store. Try Chicago, Atlanta or New York. I think Smythson has something similar to what you are looking for. They have an online store, The Purse Forum - Powered by vBulletin, but they are expensive like Hermes. I think Longchamp has a notebook agenda as well. They have a website too Lonchamp but you can't order anything from it, you have to get the item number from the website and call the store. I like the boutique in SanFrancisco the best.
  4. This is a really good suggestion. These should be easy to find. I have seen Moleskine at Borders, B&N and The Container Store. The notebook even has a nice little pocket to store things like business cards, stamps, etc.
  5. They come in varying sizes and functions. Lined, unlined, graph.

  6. Man, now I want to go get another one! They are so cute and handy, and only cost about $10.
  7. coach has some.. basically every brand does, go onto the site and they have jotters.
  8. coach only has the signature one (I tried the boutique today). I really want all leather.
  9. leather.. are you looking for a plain leather, textured leather, embossed leather?
  10. oh and narrow? your not looking for an agenda style right?
  11. theres this by gucci if you like jewel tones. Gucci

    EDIT: i cant attach the picture properly sorry! does anyone else know what i am talking about?
  12. any type of leather suits me, as long as I like it. I don't want a fabric one due to staining. As for size, I'm looking for one that's the size of an average agenda, but just a note pad.
  13. ^^ i love that second one!