Suggestions for a great slouchy bag???

  1. I'm looking for a great slouchy bag because most of my other bags are more structured. I don't particually care for the Paddington though. Its a great bag, just not for me.

    Any other slouchly bags that you just love and reccomend?
  2. slouchy bag like hobo style
  3. Not necessarily like a hobo style but super soft leather like the Paddington. I'd prefer a shoulder bag.
  4. The JC Ramona is very slouchy squishy leather. Fab u lous!
  5. Lucky magazine had a whole page on slouchy leather bags.. in fact, they had a section on great bags.. you shoudl buy this month's issue.
  6. What about Botkier bags? I love the stirrip -- lovely soft leather, well made, and not a bad price point.
  7. My Bottega Veneta large hobo bag is slouchy and feels like butter.
  8. How about the Chloe Silverado Doctor bag? Is it slouchy. I love the buttery leather of the Paddington (don't have one) but I love the feel. Thats what I'm looking for just not the Paddy.
  9. My Be&D Crawford Cruise is the softest leather I have ever known (and it's a killer bag besides).
  10. Well the new MK (Michael Kors) "Studio" is a hobo but very supple looking. It's available on Nordstroms and was on a blog on this site not too long ago. Very simple yet luxurious.
  11. Gucci Large Horsebit Hobo hands down! Here's a terribly crude pic of mine!
  12. I think this may be the bag I was looking at a few month ago. I may have to check it out again.