Suggestions for a good candy apple red NP?

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  1. Hi all NP addicts,

    I have realized recently that my NP collection is lacking some good reds (blasphemey I know). Lately I've been loving a bright candy apple red (ala Olivia Palermo and the girls on the Hills). Anyone have any suggestions? For reference I also have relatively fair skin (NC20) and I am partial to OPI and Essie, since they have the best selection available in my Ulta.

  2. Essie makes a bright red and ironically enough it is called candy apple:lol:
  3. have used this and yes it is a bright red...
  4. Any other suggestions? I am tempted to go to Ulta today and buy 3 more NPs... Any more input would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Chanel .. "Fire" just is on my toes and its really pretty....
  6. I love Lollipop :smile:
  7. OPI red
    OPI vodka and caviar - may be a tad too dark
  8. Essie Lollipop but its not a deep red.
  9. I like Chanel Dragon - it's a bright red.