suggestions for a fun shaped bag!

  1. I'm just curious as to what you guys have or recommend for a fun shaped papillion, roxbury, ellipse, etc.

    Just something to have for casual days, shopping days...and can fit a regular amount of stuff, like wallet, makeup case, cellphone, small book...etc.

    I'm kinda thinking about a pap...but I don't want it in mono...maybe vernis bedford but that might be too high maintenance (i dunno..) bring it on girls!
  2. when i saw this thread the first thing i thought was: damier belem pm or mm (mm for better practicality).

    but after reading your initial post, it seems like you're looking for something more shoulder-oriented. i would say, in that case, i would say (keeping in mind you want something fun-shaped): damier ipanema pm, vernis biscayne bay pm (although IRL i think that is pretty small), mono noe pm (or regular), or what about the mono coussin?

    those are bags i think stand out a bit...the noe is a classic, the rest are very unique.

    just my thoughts ;)
  3. thanks for your thoughts I really appreciate them! I guess I am looking for shoulder-bags ish...ooh..I always liked the shape of the coussin....

    my friend has the mini noe and that's a cute shape too, but it might stick out a bit too I'm gonna go look for pics of the other bags you suggeseted cuz I haven't had a clue what they look like. haha
  4. I think a pap is too small to carry a small book (I've tried this several times, believe me), otherwise I'd say it was perfect for you! Have you ever considered the damier marais? Or (all damier, btw)...


  5. i think the Noe is fun, it is a shoulder bag, comes in a couple of sizes/patterns, and sweetly casually.
  6. Jill..

    papi in damier :graucho: lol

    Biscanye's not that bad at all..don't be scared..
  7. i like the musette I saw someone wearing the mono version while I was on trip and it looked really cute...which lead me to look at the mussette that a small bag?! anyone know?!

    also the or GM? I saw a pic in the visual aid section, does it look bulky?!
  8. marelle! kind of old school asian school girl ish with a cool bean shape!

  9. :roflmfao: you kiiiiiiiiil mee!!

    what colour would be good in bedford that's a well rounded colour?! i like the navy one..what's that color called?
  10. a marelle! its got a cool, almost bean shape! it reminds me of old school knapsacks with an asian school girl twist on the shape! call me crazy but i love ti! theres a pic in my collection!
  11. ooooooooh..I about the croissant?!?! pm, mm, gm?!1 do they hold lots?! hahah
  12. :graucho: :graucho:
    you shouldn't have any problem with darker color in vernis like indigo, red,bronze..
  13. I love the Bedford, I think it would be gorgeous in Indigo but like Bagsnbags said it's gorgeous in any color. Also the Damier Ilovo is such a unique shape, and you don't see it worn very often. How about the Epi Jasmin?
  14. The musette tango is a pretty small bag, but I think you can hold what you need in that bag (as you mentioned). It comes in damier, too, so no worries about sticking out.

    I'm not too familiar with the tulums, though...nice bags, however!
  15. I got a vernis bedford a few months ago and now I'm hooked on the shape! I have it in indigo so it's not really high maintenance