Suggestions for a Diamond Necklace for Wedding

  1. I am looking for a diamond necklace to wear with my wedding dress. We are thinking the maximum to spend is $2,500. I would like something that has diamond drops that go around the neck, not just one diamond. Can anyone provide me with suggestions on where to look? I have gone to a few jewelry stores in our area and just have not had much luck! Thanks so much!!!
  2. their diamond by the yard collection classy and beautiful!
  3. I know it's not diamonds but, what about this one? It's a faceted peridot necklace with a pearl drop from Tiffany and Company and retails for about 2500.00. They also sell one that is aquamarine with a pearl. Very pretty.

    $2500.00 while a sizable amount doesn't seem like it will stretch enough for diamonds around the neck. You might want to mix something else in there--like pearls...just a thought.

    Happy hunting!
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Here it is with the pic
  6. Oh thanks! That is very pretty!
  7. Hmmm...I agree with ATG...a full diamond necklace, with drops (briollettes) would be more than $2500 - especially with decent quality diamonds.

    This one is kind of pretty...though not with diamonds all the way's only $1,000.

    What about an alternative like Swarovski crystals? Significant savings in money and still a beautiful, sparkling necklace. We're talking less than $250 for a full necklace of all Swarovski crystal.

    Something like this (with more briolette drops) in clear crystal would be dazzling...

    Or, if you want a natural style of stone, how about white Topaz. I made a necklace for a customer that was less than $1,000 with 14k gold. The picture does not show how gorgeous this necklace is...sparkling and feminine.

    Tiffany's does have some lovely diamond necklaces, but the least expensive ones with diamonds going all the way around are around $6,000.

    I think I can picture in my head what you're looking for and darned if I can find anything similar online. When I go to the wholesale show in Tucson I've seen the drop style diamonds, but even wholesale price they are super expensive.

    Good luck and I hope you find something that is just right for the big day. :smile:
  8. That last necklace is really beautiful :heart:
  9. Yes, ITA, I love that one too. Thanks so much for posting!
  10. Megan, that Topaz necklace is TDF! Really nice stuff! and ^^ gracefeng I'm glad you liked my Peridot suggestion!

    I wore pearls on my wedding day (my DH brought them for me to wear)--and since my dress had some sparkles on it, I didn't want to wear too much sparkle!...or sparkle that would make my dress look less than could crystals along the bodice compare with diamonds? :amuse: They can't!!

    Let us know what you get or if you find some ideas you'd like to run by us (I'm just nosy and want to see what you find!!)
  11. Thanks guys! When I made that necklace my mom saw it and really wanted to buy it LOL but it wasn't made for her.

    I too wore pearls on my wedding day. My dress was fairly sparkly. My mom bought me a single pearl with matching stud earrings...simple but perfect. :smile: And I can still wear them because they aren't too fancy.
  12. I agree with the others that you're going to have trouble finding a full diamond necklace for $2500. Pearls would be a great option to consider. I wore pearl stud earrings and my engagement ring on my wedding day, nothing else. Whatever you choose, I'm sure you'll find the perfect thing that won't break the bank!
  13. I also agree with this.

    How about something simple, like this, instead? :flowers:


    (bypass the 5 figure beauties on your way down the page...)

    Diamond Necklaces - Estate Jewelry Collection


    Tiffany half carat drop or others on that page are all in your budget:

    Diamond Pendants - Estate Jewelry Collection


    solitaire white and yellow gold: 14-kt. Yellow Gold and 1-ct Diamond Solitaire Pendant : Jewelry

    for that budget, I'd go vintage. More bang for the buck and more original pieces too!
  15. I love the diamond solitaire look! Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I have a few months to get something perfect so everyone please keep them coming. I will post some of the necklaces that I like so I can get opinions as well!