Suggestions for a cute cell phone holder??

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  1. I just bought a LV Petite Noe and want to find a cute cell phone holder to hang outside of the bag. (under $40 please)

    You have seen them, they tend to have a little dogclip or strap you place around the handbag shoulder strap or clip on the hardware. This takes care of the digging around in the bag when your cell rings.

    Show me photos and links of your suggestion, please!

    Oh, and here is the bag I am going to use it on. The photo is Addy's, the original owner of my new bag.
  2. Those are darling! Thanks for the ideas!
  3. The ones that Passerby suggested are so cute! I use a little Hello Kitty phone case, and I think you can buy those on or even on eBay. :yes:
  4. Hi there,
    I was also looking for the right cell phone case for my LVs....I have a Speedy 40, which is HUGE, and I wanted a case that could hang off the handles...Then I recently bought a Damier Azur Noé, and I wanted to hang a cell case from the outside, since it's sometimes a pain to undo the drawstring....

    I found these cell cases, and what's great about them is that they come with a variety of attachements, so you can use the case on a lanyard or an armband, and they can also accept your ipods. They have a flexible coated clip so they won't hurt your LVs too. I bought 2 and I love them both!!

    They are the Naztech Sport cell phone cases, you can find them on Amazon or

    Here are the pics of the colors they have......And one of my Azur Noé with it attached.....Good luck !!
    naz2.jpeg naz1.jpeg naz3.jpeg cell1.JPG cell2.JPG
  5. Passerby, that little pink one is the bomb. I showed it to my daughter might get one.

    And travelbliss, I love the looks of yours.
  6. I really like those and my Treo would look really cute in one . How much are they? My little boy has a flip phone and I would like to get one for him also.
  7. if you have a razor, I suggest the d&g case (it should fit a razor from any cell phone provider.)

    I got mine last minute, 'cos I bought the d&g razor and the dude was like "you should get the case" and being the snob I am- I did. it's pretty cheap (I forget how much, but I remember thinking, "wow, for eel skin, this is hecka cheap.")

    here are some pictures I just took for you.

  8. In general, I've moved way beyond Coach in terms of purses, but I still love their smaller accessories! I really like their cell phone cases!
  9. Do a Google photo search for Poire cell and Phonepocke cell. They are cute and not expensive.
  10. Darling ideas, thank you!