suggestions for a cc holder and passcase?

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  1. I'm looking for something preferably that would have a window for license, and a couple of slots for CCs. Also open to any variation as well. TIA!:heart:
  2. Aarti, hot, cold or warm?

    Etsy :: Yellow paisley wallet

    This lil wallet is made of yellow paisley and dot print cotton. It is double interfaced, and lined with a pretty rainbow dot print cotton. Closes with a snap button. This lil wallet holds upto 6-8 credit cards, 25+ business cards and has a plastic pocket for your ID, or favorite pic.

    Available in many prints... also I have the matching card case too!
  3. Blissful makes bifold wallets in a variety of fabrics:

    Etsy :: Bifold wallet with elastic closure - Pink floral on cafe au lait
    It is a bi-fold mini wallet with a vinyl window. Not only will they hold 20+ business cards, but there is also room for credit cards and an ID. Instead of closing with a snap (which seams slightly awkward to me at times), an elastic band is used. It is stiffly interfaced.


  4. Thanks passerby! I'm looking for something streamlined in a sense, no elastic, and no little flap closure, just something that flaps open or a little card case that has a couple of CC slots preferably with an ID window.
  5. Chanel credit card holder:

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  6. aarti.... get the chanel....
    i just got one and it is awesome....
  7. I just got a chanel one too :smile: I love it :smile: but trying to figure out how to arrange my purse around it :smile:
  8. Oh Rose, you're killing me with these beauties you always come up with:drool:, just bought a similar in the black guccissima, but now I want that Chanel one..beautiful
  9. I got my best friend the Prada version of the Chanel. It is lovely too and comes in a range of yummy colors. I got her the pink one.
  10. I stuff a few notes in the middle pocket but also carry a small coinpurse when I carry my reissue. The reissue has a very conveniet pocket forbill storage...
  11. Rose, that sounds gorgeous! Would you mind telling me where you purchased it? I've been looking for a card case forever with no luck. We have no higher-end designer stores in my city (Dillard's with Coach is as "good" as it gets), so I'd love to find it online to see if it's worth a trip to some of the better stores in New Orleans to purchase.
  12. I got the Prada from the NYC store (just off Madison Av). The SAs there are extremely helpful and will mail you one if you order it by phone. Similary Chanel will mail one out to you too (speak to Stephanie at the Madison Avenue store).
  13. Came accross this cute BV one:

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