suggestions for a camera pouch/bag?

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  1. i was hoping all the stylish Coach girls here could help me pick out a new camera pouch. i bought a new camera recently and i use the LeSportsac Lottie as my camera pouch. it's nice but way too roomy for my camera (1.5" too long, and very loose overall), and also doesn't fit well in the small purses i carry.

    my camera is a Canon PowerShot SD870IS (1st pic) and the dimensions are 3.65"W x 2.32"H x 1.02"D. i'm looking for something that fits my camera pretty snug that's preferably colorful and cute. i don't care if it's really padded or not because i just want it to protect my camera from scratches while it's in my purse. i wish i could have the Coach camera pouch that comes with another Canon model (2nd pic), but i don't think they sell it separately.

    i'm open to any brands, not just Coach! i would love some suggestions and input from everyone:smile: TIA!
    canonsd870is.jpg coachpouch.jpeg
  2. Great Thread!

    I was wondering the same thing! Im on a mission for a nice looking camera pouch too.. I'll look around today and keep my eyes open for ya!!
  3. I'm boring, I just bought a Nikon padded case to go with my Nikon camera. But now I am dying to know where you found a Canon that already comes with a Coach case? I totally would have bought that instead but in all my reseraching camers, I never came across that combo, I would definitely remember!! Is it through Canon or another company?
  4. I keep my canon camera in an ipod sock. It's good for small bags and protects my camera from scratches!
  5. i think this special "Coach Edition" came out sometime during last summer or fall from Canon. it was sold out everywhere or very overpriced by the time i decided to get a new camera last month. it was also not the camera i wanted, but i'm dying to have that case!!!

    i love the shape and price but i really can't see myself carrying orange. thanks for finding it though, i'll definitely consider it!

    thanks and please keep on adding more awesome ideas! :tup:
  6. I use a coach signature wristlet and my camera fits perfectly (I took it with me to the store when I was out looking). I like that it can go in my purse, or I can attach the strap to the outside if I need to. I also, just wanted to protect it from scratches. Maybe give that a try. Macy's has some wristlets on sale now, so you could possible even save some money too!
  7. I found a small coach cosmetic case that's basically like a wristlet, but more square and slightly rounded at the corners.

    I have one from Macy's a few years back in hot pink and one in black - they are both like the pink one in the photo below. I got the black one at the outlets a month or two ago.

    I think it holds my Canon Elph perfectly... there's a little bit extra room, where I store a back up battery or memory card.

    There are a few of them on eBay but I don't know if you can get them through coach anymore- except for maybe at the outlets.

    Good luck!

  8. '' I have that I my canon will fit in there..

    keep in mind that is an old link and when you go to purchase that from palm it will be 99$
  9. Actually I searched Palm again for it today - it is on sale again for $50. :tup:
  10. I keep my camera in a tattersall wristlet. It fits perfectly and keeps my camera from getting scratched in my purse. Plus it's so cute!
  11. do you know the dimensions of the case? after looking around some more, this really may be the right case for me after all. i'm loving the shape, and maybe the orange will grow on me. i really wish it came in black! i'm afraid the wristlet's going to be too long but i'll head over to the mall later this week to check it out as well.
  12. I couldn't find the dimensions of this case online, so I checked the measurements of a couple of the phones they said it was compatible with and they seemed similar to your camera size - maybe take a look at the treo dimentions on Palm's site to double check. Bag fetish go this case so hopefully she can chime in with the actual size of this case.

    Good luck!
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