suggestions for a business card holder?

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  1. hi girls! i haven't posted in a while, but i had a question i thought you all would be best to answer. I just got my new business cards and I don't have anything to hold them in. Does anyone have some suggestions? please post pics if you have them! I'm looking for something under $100.:smile: TIA!
  2. Why, yes, I bought one on Etsy that's adorable. It was a whopping $9.99 and it is sooo cute. It is lighweight metal and has one side for my cards and one side for cards I get from others.

  3. thanks for the suggestion ronda! but i'm looking for something a little more plain. i'll definitely check etsy...
  4. an embossed Coach mini skinny or even a money clip?

    PS- Momo- I LOVE the bunny in your avatar- is she yours? We have a pretty active community going about bunnies here in the animal thread- link is in my signature- drop in!
  5. card_holder.jpeg
  6. ugh, i work at bloomies [not an SA though.] and we have this holder that's for business cards. they're really plain and come in a variety of colors. im checking the site, and it's not there. :sad: if i had a pic of it, i'd show you. it sounds like what you're looking for.
  7. The best I've ever seen were from Nordstrom, and all were $40 or under. I picked up two, one under the Nordstrom name, and the other was from Lodis.
  8. What about this from coach:

    I got a cute business card holder from the Coach outlet last summer. Its kind of boxy with just one compartment on the inside and snaps closed. Its lilac colored, but I figured that didn't matter since its always inside of my regular purse. And it came out to about $10.
  9. [​IMG][​IMG]
    I thought this one was cute its simple but still cute its from red envelope they have some other really cute ones as well.
  10. I 2nd Lodis card holders - they come in tons of colors in great leather. :tup:
  11. Jalda has some cute croc embossed business card holders.
  12. I second the Kate Spade card holder and third the Lodis. They are both good values for under $100.