Suggestions for a birthday gift?

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  1. my wife's birthday is just around the corner.... need some suggestions for a gift? my wife is a LV freak! LOL, but i love her to death... any advice?
  2. Well how much are you willing to spend? There are so many great gift ideas in different price ranges...

    I Love the Sweet Monogram earrings. $220

    Koala Wallet, my boyfriend bought me this for Christmas, I love it! $585

    I'm drooling over the Lexington $620

    Dentelle Speedy $1420

    I think any woman would KILL for the lambskin rivets bag $3300
  3. at least $1500 or so... nice suggestions!
  4. Hi Nike Golf,

    I see you're from the Big Island. My husband is a NIKE gold fanatic as well. We actually went to see Michelle Wie this weekend at Nike Golf Day at the old Nevada Bobs.

    If you let us know what type of bags your wife already has we can help you with suggestions that may fit her taste.

    Good luck!
  5. i would love to tell you what bags she have, if i knew the names of them...LOL all i know is she has a lot... she was looking at this white checkerboard one....
  6. That would be the damier azur, many possibilities with that. I personally like the Pampellone - extremely summery
  7. would you be able to give us an idea if she likes handbags or shoulder totes? you have a lot of leeway with $1500 so we can all probably suggest a lot of ideas. if she likes the azur damier (white checkerboard pattern), maybe she would like the saleya mm or gm. are there any LV lines you know she WON'T like? that would help us narrow down suggestions.
  8. :yes:

    Here is my pampelonne to look at, might be hard to find was the only azur that was limited edition.




    If she likes handheld, hard to go wrong with a speedy.

    For shoulder I love the noe.

    Check the azur club thread, for more pics :smile:
  9. she like both handbags and shoulder totes... which is the shiney one? do you know w hich are the "it" bags to have now?
  10. The Damier Azur is the white/blue one. You can see the speedy in my picture below. I'll bet she would love the speedy and if you could get a vernis cles (coin purse) in perle, framboise, or pomme........well, it would be fab!
  11. she already has a speedy in the regular one and the brown checkerboard one....
  12. I think an red epi bucket world be nice
  13. I think a black mc audra would be hot or great shoulder bags are damier saleya and roxbury drive!?
  14. hmm, is your wife petite? because the Pampalonne is very large. a friend recently purchased one but she's almost 6' tall with heels.

    since she has a large LV collection i am going to suggest something fun and say ROXBURY in Pomme. and since you are willing to spend $1500 or so, how about MC Audra in Black? that bag is very hot! i'm sure your lucky wife will love it!
    the checkerboard pattern you mentioned: the Neverfull tote is going to be released in Damier and Azur so maybe you can hold out for that.
    i hope she's very surprised with your choice!
  15. I would get the MC rita or ursela, both are so gorgeous.