Suggestions for a bag to hold a MacBook?

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  1. I have 3 NFs and they are perfect but have the itch for another bag that would also work. Any suggestions? I recently bought the Valentine's Day coin purse holder and key pouch in Vernis so maybe I need to venture out of canvas to look at something that would coordinate with these pieces.


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  2. Louis Vuitton Sac Plat. It's my favorite tote look. On the Go is too square.
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  3. Or something new that you can get directly from the stores. Belmont MM. It's roomy and durable. On the whole I prefer vertical totes, as opposed to square totes or horizontal totes.
    louis-vuitton--N60294_PM2_Front view.jpg
  4. Interesting, I prefer square totes, or horizontally rectangular. Maybe because I'm short! (5'2")
  5. on the go, or the carry it
  6. Thanks, everyone! I did have the black empriente On the Go on my wish list.

    Yes, I am open to other brands. Thank you for the video, Grande Latte.