Suggestions for a Bag for Night Outs?

  1. Hi everyone!

    I posted this similiar question in the Coach forum since I am both a Coach and Dior lover! :smile:

    Last night my fiance took me out to an evening ballet. I was using my blue Dior saddle pouch and he asked if I had a black evening bag. I said no, cause all my black bags are tote sizes (Coach) or Dior boston bags. So he said he would get me a black evening bag! Yayyy! Now I do not know what type of bag I should get for evening use. I like the Romantique pouchette but it comes in brown and beige, so not sure if that will match good with me when I wear black? Well, if you ladies can help me decide on something, I greatly appreciate it!
  2. Here are some black Dior evening bags:

    Lady Dior evening clutch with rhinestone Cannage quilting on black satin

    Small Black Lady Dior Cannage Bag

    Here it is in satin w/ rhinestones

    "Dior Gaucho" evening clutch in grey galuchat and black suede
  3. Wow, now I am going to have a hard time to decide! LOL
  4. not much to add (shall not play devil's advocate by suggesting the chanel timeless clutch in black lambskin/caviar :devil:smile:

    but there's a cute lady dior pochette on elux:

    and just to add, the gaucho clutch that fashion_guru posted has a velvet strap inside for you to sling on your shoulder. it's a nice size too. :yes: (and it comes in a whole plethora of other colours)
  5. Wow, thanks for all the visuals ladies!

    Oh, and zerodross, I love the Chanel suggestion, but Chanel is too expensive for me right now. Darn. I told myself I would own a Chanel bag before I turn 28. LOL.
  6. ^ :devil: to play devil's advocate further, i believe the price of the timeless clutch is under $1k ($995 to be precise, it was $895 pre-price increase).

    it's pretty cheap for a chanel... if chanels do ever come cheap. ;)

    (sorry dior & our beloved galliano, but y'know in comparison, the chanel timeless clutch is cheaper than the gaucho evening clutch - which is around $1400 maybe, if my currency conversion skills are up to scratch - and i think the chanel is very classy & versatile).
  7. [​IMG]
    I second this!!!!!! This is my favourite clutch in the whole world!!!

    And there is a beautiful Chanel quilted clutch shaped like the Vintage Flowers bag that I also realy love...I wonder if you're referring to that one, Zero.
  8. ^ yup May! that's the clutch i'm referring to! *tempts you too*
  9. Since that Chanel is classic, I think it will be around for years to come (hopefully). Gotta wait till later on to start moving to try different brands (must use whatever shopping money now on my favourite brand first :biggrin:)

  10. i like your attitude May , way to go girl ! :yahoo: Dior is the most important !:yes: so...whats next on the list ? :graucho:
  11. A Rebelle messenger bag! After seeing Loganz's Rebelle bag I've been wanting it so badly! The messenger one is amazing because you can adjust the strap to wear it like a shoulder bag, too.

    At least the Rebelle bag is more realistic than getting the Jeanne clutch, which is around the same price but not very practical.

  12. ITA !:yes: but there is still a little voice whispering inside of me " nevermind the size its too beautiful not to have it ..." :nuts: life`s hard!!!! ;)