suggestions for a 13 inch laptop bag and a roomy wristlet?

  1. hey guys, any recc is appreciated, my laptop is being beaten to death in a canvas cheapie. TIA
  2. Unfortunately they don't make laptop bags, but with a neoprene sleeve I bet the Penelope satchel or the signature stripe magazine tote would work. But definitely not by itself.

    As for a roomy wristlet, you can't go wrong with the Bleecker capacity wristlet. I got one this week, and it fits my money, cards, cell phone, lipstick, and two sets of keys.
  3. Aarti, katrynar carries her laptop around in Coach 10400 which is the Chelsea Laced Duffle. I just purchase a new one on eBay but I understand that it is a very roomy bag.
    Look for threads by katrynar in the search function and you will find it. Here is a picture of the bag which I purchased.

  4. lol thanks for the shoutout liz!!!

    i do use it for my laptop!! it is very roomy!!! i have a macbook 13"!!
  5. Katrynar, I don't carry a laptop around but I am so looking forward to getting
    the Chelsea Laced Duffle this week in the mail. Thanks so much for your advice
    on this bag. I know that I am going to love it!
  6. Not necessarily.

    My mom bought my sister this huge signature coach tote from the outlets in Orlando for around
    $280.. it's rather big.. and khaki signature I have no idea what it's called, but the fabric is like so
    [​IMG]Are you located near an outlet? They have a bunch of these.. they also have it in huge messengers.
  7. aarti-I use one of two messengers and a hamptons business tote for my work dell. I actually don't bother with a sleeve most of the time for my dell, but thats not MY computer so I'm probably not as careful as I could be. If your laptop is getting really beat up they have a simple black neoprene case at target that I use for my macbook when I put it in my backpack or just want to take it (without the rest of my grad school stuff) to panera or something. You could easily fit the laptop in that case inside just about any bag.
  8. The Coach Multifunction totes double as laptop bags and are GREAT. They are roomy and the changing pad, which is usually just a plain solid color (blue for blue bags, brown for signature, you get the idea) makes a great laptop pad. That's how I always marketed them to professionals in-store. The black and signature multifunction totes don't look like diaper bags at all, and they are the perfect size for even a widescreen macbook. You can also wrap the pad around the laptop to protect it in the bag :tup: :okay:
  9. Aarti! You need one of the new bleeker wristlets, it's right up your alley.

  10. Have they made the changing pads bigger recently? I bought the diaper bag in the scribble print with hopes that my laptop would wrap up in the changing pad and it was TINY. I have a standard size laptop but it definitely didn't work for me. I ended up selling it on eBay. Maybe if they've made them bigger I can revisit the diaper bag. :p
  11. YOU WILL!!!:yahoo: