Suggestions for 60s Themed Picnic

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  1. A friend is having a 60s themed picnic this Sunday, and wants us to come dressed to theme. :supacool:

    I have some ideas, but would welcome any suggestions that would incorporate things that I already might have in my wardrobe, cos Sunday doesn't leave for much time to shop around!

    I don't have flared pants, and whilst I have mini skirts, I'm thinking that they won't be too practical at a picnic. I also have boots, but it's been really warm these past weeks, so I don't think I want to go that way either. Dresses maybe? I know I definitely want to hunt down those mod white sunnies. Too cute!

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated! :flowers:
  2. Is it early, mid or late '60s? The three sections vary incredibly (end of New Look, mod, early hippy).
  3. Gosh. I didn't know :shame:

    She wasn't that specific. I'm not familiar with New Look, but definitely not Early Hippy, cos that's not quite my style.

    Thanks so much in advance!
  4. You could go in white capris, black sweater/t-shirt (think JackieO), and big shades!

  5. ^^^^Yeah.

    I'd go with capris, a sleeveless button up shirt tied at the waist, and a scarf tied into your hair (like a pony tail or headband). Definitely wear mod sunnies! Sounds like a lot of fun :smile:
  6. i was gonna say jackie o. too. capri' can google her for pics!
  7. No problem! She probably meant mod; early '60s style plus grass isn't exactly the best combination haha. I say go with a mini-skirt/dress in white or other light colors over some thicker stockings with a headband, and if you can find some cheap ones, gogo boots. But if you still don't feel comfortable with a mini-skirt (understandible), then capris like some others said and with an empire top in white or beige.
    Sounds fun! Hope you have a good time!
  8. ^ A dress/ mini skirt was definitely my first thought, but as you pointed out, might not be such a good idea :P

    Capris sound fabulous though! But does it have to be white? I don't want to look bigger than I am! :shame: I think I'll skip lunch today to see what I can do on a quick spree. I hope I find the white mod sunnies without too much hassle.

    Thanks again for everyone's input! :flowers: