Suggestions- Ergo belted large tote in plum??

  1. Does anyone own the Ergo large belted tote in plum? what do you think of it, and do you think it can be worn in the summer?? Not sure if plum is a summer color? im looking for a large tote for summer. Any suggestions for me on a large summer tote? TIA!!!

    I'm also interested in the large ergo white pebbled leather tote. I have never really carried a white purse before! (sounds weird huh)
    so not sure about it. HELP, suggestions anyone!!
  2. plum is a nice color. i saw this in hobo form last winter. i dont really pay attention to colors that go with spring,fall or winter.. its more like if i like it i will wear it!

    do you like the plum for its color?
  3. Hi, thanks for replying! Yes, i like the plum color, and i love the look of the belted ergo. Do you have any idea if this tote is at outlets?
    As for the white tote, as hard as i try to keep my handbags immaculate, doesn't happen w/kids around lol and im afraid it wouldn't look white for too long, but i do like it...can't decide

    Any suggestions for me on a large summer bag??
  4. I just bought the tote in plum at the outlet for $309 and i love it, you can wear it any season, i also have the tobacco, its a nice bag.
  5. tobacco is nice. Wich color do you like better? plum or tobacco. thanks for the info on how much its going for at the outlets! there is one large plum tote on eBay going for 385 (i think) or best offer. I wasn't sure how high/low to bid? i think i'll make an offer and hope i can get it for around the outlet price! wish me luck!
  6. I actually like both, i bought the tobacco off eBay for $389 and the seller got it from the outlet so i could have save if i got it myself from the outlet, so i went to the out and purchase the plum myself.
  7. I agree, i have two girls and i am afraid it will get dirty or too high maintance for me
  8. I think i'm gonna pass on white!
    I made two offers on the plum tote and they were both declined :sad:
    So now if i want the tote, I have to pay the asking price +20. shipping (won't allow me to make any more offers) I guess its still a good deal, but shipping seems awfully high.
    what to do, what to do LOL