Suggestions Anyone!!!

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  1. Ladies:

    My best friend and the one I do a lot with my DH... has to go on a business trip for three weeks:crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: and will be staying the weekends because its a 17 hour flight home. Its just me, my dog, kitty and two turtles.... What suggestions do you have to keep myself busy for three weeks and weekends!!

    You can only shop so much!!:sad:
  2. omg u poor thing! my fiancee was gone for just the weekend and i missed him so much! i cant imagine 3 wks!!

    i just worked...kept my mind busy.

    what about flying out there to visit him 1 weekend and having a girl's weekend at a hotel (facials, massages, etc) another weekend?

    good luck:smile:
  3. Yes. I thought about flying out there.. but I have a phobia about planes and just can't seem to get on one. :nuts: :hysteric:
  4. Yup I am with you...I HATE flying!!
  5. Think about things you would like to do, but don't seem to have enough time to do. That's what I did when I had to go out of the county for business for 3 months! It was harder when I was gone, because obviously I was really limited but now my DH is leaving next Tuesday for 2 weeks, I have so many things I want to do...

    What I did before:
    Have you ever wanted to learn or brush up on a foriegn langauge? Tons of good tapes/cds. Thanks to my time away my french is better than ever!

    work out/exercise (good for endorphins, too)...maybe even one of those sexy belly dance or striptease dvds, then you could work out and surprise him when he got home ;) I lost 35 pounds while I was gone!

    Watch all the classic chick flicks he doesn't like, I took all of my Sex in the City DVDs

    Read! Read! Read!

    Things on my list now:, church, senior center
    Catch up on your photo albums
    holiday shopping/wrapping
    home improvement project, bathrooms are good, because they are usually small enough to do on your own.
    Clean my closet
    sell some stuff on ebay
    Start practicing on the piano again
    clean out the china cabinet, then it will be ready for the holidays

    Some other ideas:
    Learn to knit
    sewing project
    update your ipod
    dream dinners

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  6. what i love to do @ home:

    - burn cd's! and i love to download music... i'm constantly downloading...
    - organize my closet :smile:
    - watch tv shows on dvd or watch grease over and over again
    - bake! mmmm... shortbread cookies...
    - workout! pop in a pilates dvd :smile:
    - dye my hair w/ cheap $6.99 at-home hair dye (haven't done this one in a while though)
    - read a new book, flip through fashion magazines, flip through cooking magazines
    - at-home facials! manicures, pedicures, hair treatments, etc! :smile:

    what i love to do outside of the house:

    - shop!
    - go out w/ a girl friend for drinks or dinner
    - go tanning @ the tanning salon :X
    - look @ model homes in your neighbourhood (and pretend like you're house shopping! lol)
    - take classes! self-defence classes? yoga/pilates? tennis lessons?
    - go to the spa and get a massage or a facial, then relax in their whirlpool and steam room!

  7. i would love to have 3 weeks off like that. omg. i'd sleep all day. and watch tv/movies.

    but no really.. i'd jetset with some friends to vegas or something.

    3 weeks.. umm.. you could redecorate in 3 weeks.. you could reorganize your entire house.. clean.. throw away all the old bills/etc.. anything over a year old or stuff full of dust can be tossed... cuz would you really miss it if it was in the trash instead of filling up your house and collecting dust instead? lol.

    and i love doing everything kaye mentioned outside the house. i go model home shopping a lot.. pretending like i'm a spoiled rich brat looking at multimillion dollar homes. it's fun, it's a nice way to spend the day.. and you get decorating ideas/etc to do to your own home (interior designers come by our store all the time to buy "prop" pieces here and there, and some of them are specifically interior designers for model homes.. so it's fun for me to see if i can spot any of our merchandise in them. haha!). :smile:
  8. Catch up on books, rent DVDs (or see movies you've always wanted to see but he won't go to)

    And like other people mentioned, make a 'to do' list and then get to where you can cross those things off.

    Hehe . . . there's always phone sex! (With him, I mean!)
  9. Have a nice day just for yourself! Pamper yourself, wear ugly but comfy clothes, eat like a pig, sing in the shower, watch movies and weep at them as much as you want! :biggrin: