Suggestions/Advice Wanted

  1. Hi all,

    I am in the midst of selling my last Balenciaga and need a bag to replace her. Financially, it makes sense for it to be a Coach bag.

    I really love my Balenciaga and it's sad to part with her....but I'm hoping Coach will have something similar....

    This is what I need:

    1. Black leather absolutely no logos whatsoever!

    2. 15 x 10 x 5.5 dimensions or very close (can be a tad bit smaller)

    3. Needs a shoulder it can have handles & strap, or just strap alone. I really prefer single strap as I find double straps fall down

    4. Need something that I can carry to casual things (like on campus) but will also work at business conferences (thus the need for a shoulder strap)

    5. Would like it to be in the $400 range

    I hate to bug you all with such a 'newbie' question!!! I've been out of the Coach loop for a few years as I experimented with LV, Chanel & Bal.

    I'll probably be buying it next month during the PCE (I usually get a card in the mail)....and I do have an outlet about 45 minutes away too.
  2. [​IMG]It might be a little more then you want to spend but otherwise I think fits your bill
  3. The Legacy shoulder flap is a great suggestion, but I also love the large Ergo hobos.. its bigger than you asked for but the way it sits on your shoulder it slouches down so it doesn't look or feel that big.


    New COACH ERGO PEBBLED LEATHER LARGE HOBO Fashion meets function with this large Ergo Hobo, now in sophisticated pebbled leather. You’ll love its oversized shape, rounded corners, thick shoulder strap and turnlock detail.
    Inside zip pocket
    Cellphone/multi-function pockets
    Ring to clip an accessory or keyfob
    Outside front pocket with turnlock closure
    Zip-top closure
    Soft pebbled leather with nappa leather trim
    Fabric lining
    17 1/2” strap
    12 1/4” drop
    19 1/2 (L) x 13 1/2 (H) x 6 (W

    Price: $398 Style No: 11613

  4. ITA:tup:
  5. Just to give you an idea, I see the carly was a suggestion.. here is both the large and the reg carly to help with size.

    large carly.jpg Reg carly.jpg
  6. Oh girls are quick and good! I saw the Carly online....but was worried about it being a bit 'too' casual for going to business's such a dilemma! I need something that will work for both because I don't want to buy two bags!

    BF: I like the look of that....but I am trying to stay in that $400 range...and I want to try to avoid having it say Coach or have a logo anywhere on the outside. I've really gotten used to non-logoed bags!

    Shoot...I really like the hobo styles....but I'm just worried about the style lasting. I need this bag to last me at least 12-18 months.
  7. Thanks BF! The smaller Carly would probably be the right I sometimes found my Balenciaga City to be a bit big...but the overall dimensions are nice (not too square and not too rectangular)!
  8. Hi N!

    I love, love the new pebbled ergo hobo that someone else posted. I'd definitely try that one on when/if you head to the boutique!
  9. here is another option
    leather 2.jpg
  10. HI :smile:
    Dont mean to be nosey but why are you selling all your Balenciagas? I did this as well and am now missing them sooooooooo bad :sad: I am going to get a Black first back as I used mine more than any bag I have ever used and regret letting it go. I love and have other designers as well. Coach makes some wonderful leather bags so I would suggest to go into a store and try some one. Best of luck to you!!!
  11. Thanks BF....but that one is a little too 'messenger bag' for me!

    Shoe: That is gorgeous....but the bucket bag style has never really worked for me....I tend to lean toward having them wider and shorter (if that makes sense).

    The hobos are very appealing because of the single strap and being hands free...but you could probably carry them in the crook of your arm too....right? Or no?