1. Next March my BF will degree. I am going for sure to wear my Chanel small flap with golden chains.... but I don't have an idea about the dress and shoes!!! :confused1:
    For the moment I don't care about the dress as it comes AFTER bag and shoes, so girls, what would you recommend?
    Please rate me only flats as I'm not good at walking with heels and there will be A LOT to walk.
    I live in Italy so I can't find all the brands but for example: Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Ferragamo, Tod's etc any italian brand :p
    Also, I prefer to spend no more than 300/350 euro, I think I can find something cute for that price. I also prefer a black model - eventually with colored parts. I'm so confused about what to get!!! :confused1:
    Thanks in advance!! :love:
    (BTW: how much are Chanel flats???)