Suggestion to add to TPF Rules--Re Counterfeits

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  1. I can't locate an existing thread for this, so here goes:

    While TPF has a policy to remove links to and praise of counterfeits, why isn't there explicit text in the Rules about the anti-counterfeit policy? I think it should be one of the points about what is acceptable vs. forbidden here.

    No fakes, no approval of counterfeit buying and selling: add to Rules and Guidelines.
  2. Oh trust me, there is a rule. Let me find it for you ;)
  3. That is good, but not part of the rules of posting at TPF generally. There really should be an explicit statement in the Rules and Guidelines--bear in mind, not everyone reads the Bag Showcase thread (I don't, e.g.). But users are continually referred to the Rules. Therefore, that's where it needs to be, I feel certain.
  4. I dont see how they can make a rule about not approving fakes. Thats simply just someones way of thinking.
  5. I can see. . . I see how we could have a rule, not just a policy that people may not post photos of counterfeit goods trying to pass them off as real; reference thread, forum posts, etc. . .
  6. You are right, I get what you are saying but I have to agree with Katty, it is common sense.
  7. Thank you, Swanky, for understanding my point. :smile:
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    I think the rule they have makes a good point about people using tPF as a reference, and so any "advertising" that could be mistaken, even by someone without a lot of knowledge about different brands, is a problem, and frankly, every time I have seen any links like that, they have been removed like immediately.

    There are also legal issues - the forum resides on a US server, and I think that they do a good job of maintaining that balance of helping and educating people who might not realize that essentially advocating violation of US trademark laws on a US website is um, not cool. ;)

    But because the population is so diverse, with people from so many places and cultures, with such a wide range of opinions, values, and beliefs, to try to ban an opinion or a point of view might be a tall order for folks whose plates are already full!

    As far as being sensitive to the beliefs, culture, etc of others, that would come under the general conduct rules, I'm sure if anyone said mean things to you, or was impolite or showing disrespect for your view on any subject - or your opinion of any product - whether it was made by the company the label said or not, you should totally let the Management know about that - and someone else - or more than one someone - would probably already have let them know!

    This is the most friendly and civil forum on the internet, the culture, the ambience, is inclusive and very tolerant of different perspectives - but not impoliteness!

    Edit to note:

    OK if that seemed murky, let me share this with you.

    One of the first things I learned when I came here is, just to step a little away from anything about US trademark laws - there is a very wide range of opinion here among the populace on the subject of "knockoffs" or "inspired" products.

    It was an eye-opener for me! I was surprised to learn how displeased it made some people that someone could go to Tar-zhay and buy a bag for $20 that looked like, even from a distance or in limited aspects, a very expensive bag with a famous name!

    But when I thought about it, I realized that there was considerable historical precedent - there have been several instances in human history where certain fabrics, even certain colors, were illegal for people to wear if they were not in the Royal Family - even if they weren't the King!

    So I have made an effort to be very sensitive to the views of people who believe that those Tar-zhay bags should be outlawed - or that they should not be outlawed but that people should just not buy them.

    I may not be able to claim to share those beliefs - hey, pet the sig! - but I am very glad that people who have "modern day versions" of similar beliefs can express them freely.

    :lol: To tell you the truth, all that stuff has been discussed so much already I don't really see it much any more, much less participate in it.

    But when it was, and I did, I don't remember a single instance of anyone ever saying anything impolite to me, and I can't make that statement about any other internet forum I have been on since about 1990 when they were called BBSs and everybody was using raw telnet!
  9. I agree. It may thwart some of the fake reveals threads we have seen in the past couple of days. These threads sometimes suck members in who give kind heartfelt congratulations only to see the OP banned and the thread removed. Leaves a bad taste, IMHO. I think it is fine for Megs and Vlad to have a firm forumwide rule about this...if someone wants to start a forum that is amenable to fakes, knockoffs, and counterfeits, they are free to do to. Not everybody goes to the showcase, it should be right upfront.

    just my .025 cents, adjusted for inflation.
  10. Reviving this thread because the need is still there, IMO.

    A current thread asks "Is it really so bad for a 14-year-old to carry fake Chanel?" and stays up, getting a variety of responses. At this time, members can say "Sure, carry a fake!" The line here is unclear--reveals are banned, but scattered support of illegal trade apparently can stay on threads. That's why Rules should be saying something about it--both because it's the right thing to do and to clarify to members just what TPF is about.

    People hate beating the dead horse about counterfeits, and it wouldn't be necessary if a stand was in place on the issue.
  11. ^^I agree completely, but I think it should be make very clear what is "fake" and what is "designer inspired". I personally understand the difference, but I think some people think they are one in the same.
  12. Just noticed that:nuts: :lol:
  13. Discussing fakes is a whole different animal than advertising and/or posting pics of them and trying to pass them off as real. We can't ban people that don't think there's anything wrong w/ fakes. And it'd sort of be over-moderating to not allow discussions on why people are or are not against them, no?
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    I disagree that it's a whole different animal. It's the same unholy animal, served up in a slightly different format.

    Why bother to not allow reveals of fakes, if that's what someone "doesn't see anything wrong with"? The answer is because you are making a judgment that it isn't okay. And all those "disapproval of counterfeits" warning statements posted by mods and fellow TPFers say that fakes are not okay here.

    But if a member can still be allowed to state that fakes are fine, and say they like them and use them, can't you see that this is essentially "promoting" the legitimacy of fakes among members here? If safety is a concen, the barn door is still open because of this sort of talk.

    Simply stated: at TPF you can't show your fake bag, and you can't discuss selling it, but you can say they're totally okay. A load of confusion.