Suggestion reference library: Mulberry SETS

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  1. Hi all!

    I am an utter nut for matching stuff. I would love to see all the matching sets people have collected. I myself am working on completing the Bayswater Apple set in black patent.

    Is somebody collecting the Trippy Tiger stuff for example?

    Love to hear from you!
  2. This was some years ago i fell in love with stone goatskin...similar to the current taupe I got a maggie bays a d Roxanne in it so got a purse and tall wallet to match

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  3. Oh! I love them, so beautiful, what a colour!
  4. Stone bays with silver hardware was my some lights it look brown in others grey I love it...also love the silver hardware on everything
  5. I had a collection of all the items (poss' just one thing I never managed to find if I remember rightly) in the Lavender Darwin Leather range - here's of some of them (with a couple of other bits) - once I'd got them all though, I ended up selling them & have none left now !! having a "rest" & thinking what my next obsession might be ?!! x

    (quite sad seeing this pic again - I'd forgotten how very pretty they were !!!)

  6. Wow stunning Holleigh...not sure I could have let them all go