Suggestion plzzzzzzzzz

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  1. hi ladies,

    Yesterday i forgot mt NF dust bag at the hotel!! I called ask them if anybody found it. But on one found it T_T Anybody know if i go yo LV store they gonna give me a new one?
    Thanks in advance!!
  2. Your SA will probably give you a new one.
  3. Maybe. It seems to really depend on your relationship with your SA.
  4. You could or you could even buy it from them I'm sure it wouldn't cost that much. Also maybe you can buy pre-loved dustbags at 2nd hand/consignment shops.
  5. Thanks fo all the suggestion. Well i havent buy anything this year and i dont think my SA remember me. I went so to LV botique so many times but there is noting that catch my heart but i'm really wanna get a new purse just waiting and waiting...... However I will try what you guys suggested to ask for one if not i will ask if they gonna sell one for me!
    I do not like to just keep it in the box without the dust bag :sad:
  6. Why do you need one? I honestly don't store any of my everyday bags in them, but I guess that's just me. I wouldn't worry about it too much with a neverful.

  7. Hahah i know that is what my DH said but im a neat freak alos i'm not use it everyday, When i carried it too work some of my co-worker alway look at me and said that i like to show off. after that i never carry it to work again :sad:
  8. I just call LV 1800, asked if i can go to my local boti and but a dust bag that i lost.
    The guy said no the wont sell it because it come for each bag the wii not have a spare.
    He suggestes that i can use the pillow case with a neture color. BUT IT"S NOT THE SAME!!
  9. ive lost a couple of dust bags and Ive had no problems getting spare ones =) You should go to the place you purchased it.
  10. I asked my SA for one & he gave me 3.

    Try your luck at the store you bought your bag.
  11. I will try to go today and ask for one. Do you think if i wont buy anything Sa gonna give one gor me?
  12. That's a tough one. I think it depends on your relationship with your SA, but since you don't have a go-to SA, it would all depend on how nice the SA you ask is. Why not try to buy from Bonanza? I know eBay doesn't allow sale of boxes/dust bags.

    Good luck!
  13. go to the store & ask. I would prob carry the bag too. the worst case is they say no & you'll be in the same spot you are now. never hurts to ask!
  14. go and ask...if they don't give you one, I was going to suggest the same; I use neutral pillowcases for my older pieces that don't have a bag. Good Luck!
  15. Try Bonanza if the boutique won't give you one. I also use dustbags from other bags I have (older Coach I hardly use) to store my LV's. And I've used pillow cases too- just make sure they're a light color and soft, not scratchy. I think it's better to have the bags inside something as opposed to nothing.