suggestion please?

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  1. #1 Sep 13, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2010
    Hi everyone! I'm Jhet and I'm from Sydney, Australia. I'm a newbie here and most of my first few days were spent on the "authenticate this coach" thread. :smile: I'm actually looking for a bag that is spacious but not as big as 15" in length and 10" in height :biggrin:, maybe a medium bag?

    Can you pls help me out and point me as to what type of Coach bag is roomy enough for you. Slouchy or structured, as long as it's roomy and it can go casual or a bit formal will do. I also want a handle that can sit nicely either on shoulder or arm. Are hobos or totes okay? How about carry alls or satchel ones?

    Thanks and I'm looking forward to any comment or suggestions.

    Have a blessed day!:smile:
  2. Do you prefer leather or fabric? Any color preferences?
  3. Jacquard fabric and I prefer brown/tan/khaki colours. :smile:
    Btw, is it easier to maintain the fabric ones than the leather bags?

    Thanks for the reply.
  4. Coach leather bags can be very sturdy or very delicate. Some of the metallic leather bags are delicate but most Coach leather bags wear very well. I have also had good luck with jacquard fabric bags - they are light-weight and wear well. I am pretty careful with my bags but I have gotten some spots on my khaki jacquard that cleaned up very well with coach fabric cleaner.

    I've noticed that you have posted on the authentication thread; are you looking to buy a buy online from a private seller like an ebay vendor? If so, Perhaps a madison shoulder bag or a zoe would be a good choice for you.

    Let's hear some suggestions from the other tpfers for a roomy but not huge bag!