suggestion on some additional threads to move into the Jimmy Choo subforum

  1. Megs/Vlad/Mods:

    These threads are in the "Handbags & Purses" subforum, but you might want to move them into the Jimmy Choo subforum, if you've got the time... :yes:
  2. oh weird, I just moved a bunch of JC threads and D&B threads! It's hard toi get them all, but I bet I caught a lot of teh ones you listed:yes:
  3. ^^^Thanks Swanky! :flowers:

    I think when the JC subforum was created a week or two ago, they just moved in the threads with "Choo" in the title. But there were lots of other threads about JC bags that were left behind in "Handbags & Purses"--mostly they had "Ramona," "Riki," "Mahala," "Maddy," or "Jimmy" in the title.