Suggestion on coffee maker...

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  1. Okay, after 10 years , we can finally threw away our coffee maker. Now, we are in the market for finding a high quality one, one that can make tasty /hot coffee just like the ones from restaurants. Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance
  2. I think Bunn makes the best coffeemakers by far. A nice Bunn will last years, and it makes piping hot coffee so quickly. Bunn makes many restaurant-grade coffeemakers too, I'd say that it's your best bet. It doesn't do fancy espresso or anything, but it makes great coffee.
  3. vanojr9, thanks for your suggestion. I will definitely look into this brand. My dh has been complaining that the old coffee maker that we had didn't make the coffee hot enough. :Push: Hopefully this new one will do the job right.
  4. I swear by my Cuisinart Grind n' Brew. You put whole beans in and it grinds it for you then brews... no ickyness of transferring ground coffee. And it's fresh coffee every morning... :yahoo:
  5. A French coffee press.


    Because the coffee grounds are in direct contact with the brewing water, coffee brewed with the French press captures more of the coffee's flavour and essential oils, which would become trapped in a traditional drip brew machine's paper filters.
  6. I second the french press. It's the best cup of coffee... provided you have good coffee beans to begin with.
  7. If you get Starbucks beans (those are the best) ask the barista to grind them for a French press.
  8. i sell appliances, and for a consumer-grade coffeemaker, either a cuisinart or kitchenaid is nice. both brands make excellent lines of small kitchen appliances in general.

    if you're looking for something a little more commercial grade, vano is right in that Bunn makes the coffee makers for almost all restaurants. they're a little harder to find for the home, but they work quickly, make steaming hot coffee, and last a long time.
  9. My BF's sister loves coffee and swears by this Cuisinart:

    It takes some getting used to because there is no carafe! You press the lever to fill your own mug.

    I have a Delonghi coffee and capuccino maker I've used for years and tried finding it on but they don't carry it anymore. For someone like me who doesn't make coffee for a large crowd, I like the feature of only making a half pot so they coffee doesn't get scorched.
  10. I agree with the cuisinarts and it's funny the two suggested here, the individual cups & the grind n brew, were the two we were trying to decide on. We finally settled for the latter since we wanted it to have the choice to grind or not, although the first seemed so convenient and would keep coffee hot longer. If I didn't want to have fresh ground, I would have picked the individual cup brewer.

    I can also agree that a coffee press makes the best coffee, and I have one of those also when I can relax and make a nice cup..but there are times I need to set the timer and wake up to hot coffee when I'm on the run so the automated is a necessity. Coffee presses are cheap, so you can alway get both.
  11. I love my Cuisinart too. But I was thinking of going with a Delonghi that Starbucks carries, because my pot doesn't make it as hot as it should be anymore. And if I turn it up it tastes burnt:sad:
  12. How about a new concept of a coffee maker?? I checked out their coffee makers in Hong Kong. I think you can order one from the website. They are very stylish.. Depending on your need, I would definitely consider getting one of those Nespresso machines if I am in a market for a coffee maker.
  13. I :heart:Love :heart:Love :heart:Love :heart:Love :heart:Love:heart: my Keurig.

    It makes coffee by the cup so every cup is fresh.
  14. love this thread - i need a new one too :smile:
  15. I don't drink much coffee but dh does and one of the things he asked for this pass Christmas was a French coffee press. He loves it.