Suggestion of where to store Jewelry at home, a safe?

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  1. Hi, just wondering everyone’s ideas on where to store high end jewelry at home. Would a safe be good? It’s so inconvenient to keep going to the safe deposit box at the bank. Pls. Let me know your ideas.

  2. hide it? if you do this they say don't do in bedroom - first place thieves go.
  3. Hopefully no one will disclose where they personally keep things. People do get robbed on the basis of publicizing this sort of info.
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  4. Be creative about where you hide it - that’s what I do.
  5. Yes, a safe and I'd definitely keep it somewhere not predictable.
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  7. My mother always had a fireproof safe hidden where she kept jewelry, passports, extra money and important documents.
  8. If you get a safe, just make sure you bolt it to the floor or build it into a wall. In our area, a number of people have had their homes broken into and had their small/medium safes taken - the entire thing, wheeled away and gone. Sadly, while many people did have valuables in them, many others only had documents in them - birth certificates, passports, etc. I keep most valuables not used or worn daily, documents included, in a safety deposit box in the bank. It is worth the inconvenience, IMO.
  9. Thanks, especially in the master bedroom.
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  10. We’ve had them in several places. Built into wall behind things has been most convenient for me.
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  11. I feel like this topic is so dangerous....but I will say that we had a false return air duct that housed a safe, and we felt very confident with our valuables hidden there. We had it installed.
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  12. Thanks
  13. Is it bolted down? My friendS home was burglarized, luckily she had a 6 feet vault and bolted down. It was hidden but not in the master bedroom.
  14. wasn't bolted down and it was a 24X by 24" really heavy safe that was not visible behind the grate.
  15. Yep!! There was a string of robberies in my neighborhood a while back, they managed to remove a 400lb safe from one house since it was not bolted down. And I’ve heard stories of even heavier safes being taken.
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