Suggestion? Making an FAQ about LV here @ tPF

  1. Lately it seems that similar threads are cropping up about many of the things people have discussed before. I was thinking maybe we could compile these FAQs and provide links to old threads that answer those questions?

    Questions such as BH vs BV or PH vs BH or Speedy sizing, eluxury questions, ways to clean and threat vachetta, etc...

    Mods, Megs & Vlad... what do you guys think? :confused1:

    Anyone willing to help?
  2. I Think that'd be a good idea...true that multiple Q's are being asked.
  3. I think it'll happen no matter what! We have the reference area up above....and maybe it is possible to create a couple new threads up there....with links to old threads and that way if someone posts something here we can refer them to the reference library!
    For example, we already have an Epi color and Vernis color thread!
  4. Kudos for ya steppin up to da plate!!!.. I thought it would never be suggested...:yes:
  5. That would be a great idea...
    We need a Q&A especially for asking about prices on the forum!
  6. yup! especially about AG and SM, baby wipes, etc for Vachetta Care :smile:
  7. Great idea! Also speedy sizes with pics to match.
  8. That will be a great help.:yes:
  9. I hope we can do this, I'll msg Megs and Vlad and see their opinions on it first, though :biggrin: If we get the go ahead, are people willing to take a section and work on it? Such as vachetta protection and such?
  10. Maybe we should first compile a list of threads we would think are helpful and then we can tackle creating them. Feel free to add everyone (oh....and I would be more than willing to help - I can take care of 2-3 sections...I'll be away from computer until Friday morning though):

    1. Taking care of vachetta....including info re shining monkey, apple guard, and baby wipes

    2. Eluxury...including info about returns, ordering, ******

    3. Speedy....everything speedy including sizes, etc.

    4. PH versus BH or BV

    5. Limited edition lines (including models in each line and prices...referring to things such as graffiti, CB, cerises, etc.)

    Feel free to add to this list.

    Mew: I can take care of the vachetta one & the limited edition one. Feel free to PM me with the location we will be putting these threads and I'll get started on these when I get home Friday.
  11. Add to the list..
    Your handbag, etc should come with,bag,etc..
  12. To add:

    What size Purseket do I need?
  13. Great idea!!
  14. bleeding problem on Damier Speedy, the extension for the pochette strap, or about patina.
  15. Great topics! :yes::yes: If we get the okay I'll be begging you guys to help compile :graucho: