Suggestion for TPF: Profiles

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  1. I wish the profiles feature was made more prominent... And I wish the visitors message section could be more like a place to share things with your friends, making tPF friends feature more useful. If you want to know what I mean, look on my profile by clicking the pic in my signature. I think it would be really cool if we could start using our profiles on here as a sort of social networking website for bag lovers where people can post stuff to their profiles OR a thread; I feel like it's almost annoying to others if I start a thread to share something cool on TPF.

    Let me know if I should clarify what I mean!

    TIA for taking the time to read and consider my comment!
  2. I know suggestions are welcome!
    Soon we'll be switching to a whole new platform, I wonder what cool features may be in store?
  3. Yes, totally agree!! The new platform will allow members to customize their profiles more and we are making sure the devs work on that so it can stand out more!