Suggestion for red bags

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  1. Hi,

    Is a red bag an essential item in a girl's closet?

    I am thinking of buying one. May be east west chanel flap,epi leather bowling montaigne PM or Bbag.Any suggestions from these lists or from other brands?

  2. I didn't think red was essential, but then I saw this. And now I think I must have a red. Ferragamo Mediterraneo top-handle satchel.

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  3. This is cute. Thanks for suggesting. Never own anything from Ferragamo though.
  4. Any other choices? What are you guys favorite red bag?
  5. Yup :biggrin:
    Go for a Cherise Louis Vuitton if you are wishing for one!
  6. I was thinking the same thing myself lately. Is red a neutral? I guess it depends what's in your closet. I think that if you wear a lot of browns, khakis, moss, would be super. I think that if you're more into wearing pinks and blues...I don't know how wonderful that would be. But hey - that's why we have more than one bag, hey?:tup:
  7. WEE-Yin: It is a very cute bag but i think it doesn't suit my style. Thanks anyway for posting.
    Jchiara: I don't usually wear any too colorful clothes so i think red is for me and yes we do need many bags:yahoo:
  8. I love red epi! My favorite red bag is my red epi speedy 25.
  9. Well, I hope no one laughs at me for suggesting a bag under $800 haha - but here are two nice ones...what do you think?

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  10. I have two-my red Prada hobo in leather and my Kooba Elisha in red. Love both as they add a snap of color to any outfit!:yes:
  11. What a coincidence....I just posted this trying to find out who makes it.

    This is a super cute red bag, but I have no idea who the designer is.

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  12. Thanks Jchiara: Why would i laught at you for suggesting a bag less than 800 $. If you say red croc birkin might be. How can i find that much of $$$$$$$ to buy a bag. It is even impossible in my dream. The bbag is so cute. I am considering it too.

    BagLuver: If i didn't have a monogram speedy i might conseidering buying one in Epi leather. Thanks anyway.

    Iluvmybag: i love your bag too LOL. If anyone know which brand is it,please help us out.
  13. I LOVE this one:

    It's Andrea Brueckner's Luxembourg satchel in clay red. If you're iffy about spending over $1000 on it, this one's $685 and you can probably find it at a discount if you're inclined to look.
  14. I've been wanting a red one too. Mainly dying for this one but I have one coffer and it's too small for most of my stuff. Love this red anyway tho!!

    Or this prada.


    I'd nearly take any red bag that came my way right now tho I'm wanting one so bad! lol
  15. I dont have a pic and im not sure if its still available but Rachel Navasik(sp) Patricia