Suggestion for PF: Upvotes!

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  1. I would love for there to be an upvote or like feature to posts. Sometimes I see "ghost posts" where someone will post a conversation and there will be 0 replies but 100's of views. I would love to have an upvote feature to see community participation and validation! Not sure if this is the right place to post this string, but it seemed fitting for feedback :smile:
  2. #2 Apr 2, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2016
    Hi, I think it could be nice to show your support in threads but at the same time it kind of "rates" the threads/posts and I'm not sure it's a good thing?

    In the mean time I makes a reply in your thread here :smile:
  3. We have new forum software we're switching to and I believe we do have an up vote option! I'll check with Vlad but I do think it would be helpful and people can show their appreciation to other posters. We've considered it for a while and now I think we are planning on having it on the new platform!
  4. I actually prefer people to comment to participate, even if it is just a "this" or "+1" type. Upvotes don't really add to conversation and I really like the community sense when seeing conversations within threads.

    I remember when you could rate threads on a scale of 1-5 stars.

    Would upvoting push threads to the top or could we reserve that for threads that have a lot of actual commenting?

    And would there be corresponding downvotes? I would be sad to be downvoted on tPF.
  5. I've never wanted downvoting and neither does Vlad - so our plan was to not have that ever installed. I believe new software allows upvoting while our current software made you have both. If it's not a good fit we won't use it!
  6. I dislike "this" or "+1" or just an emoji posts as they add nothing to the conversation. Maybe if we add a Like button it would remove useless posts.
  7. We had likes/stars before and it turned into a pseudo-popularity contest kind of thing unfort.
  8. +1

    However I don't think an option to rate threads is a good idea. I have seen that on another forum and it was eventually removed, because people would give low ratings to posters that they didn't like, or it just used in a hurtful way overall.

  9. That's why we removed it!

    Liking or upvoting could be nice to show appreciation - and maybe wouldn't have as many downsides.
  10. The problem with the star rating is that it can become the equivalent of downvoting / disliking, which can obviously become a problem.

    With the transition to the new forum software / platform we will enable the option for forum members to show their appreciation towards other members' contributions by upvoting and also, I believe, the ability to sort by "best posts" in a thread. The concept of a "like" is now so engrained in society, I feel like it's appropriate to enable it here as well.
  11. Oh dear.
    I cannot purchase a book or towel online, without receiving email onslaughts for me to "like" companies on social media sites.
    And have avoided every "like" feauture site because of this.

    So many members do sneaky adverts for their businesses/blogs here--
    Will the "'like' me on purseforum" onslaught begin?

    Also, replying with emoticons & +1 takes effort.
    Little, but some.
    Giving a button click option, because it's just too freaking hard to post an emoticon response....(?!?!?)

    Just my thoughts.
  12. There are many times I wanted to just "like" a post instead of having to respond that I like it. Saves room on the screen for me.
  13. Thank you everyone for your feedback! I do UI/UX design for a living, so naturally my instinct is subconsciously to improve the user experience in every digital thing I interact with

    I love the idea of upvotes, simply because it declutters responses in a thread. There's nothing more troublesome to me than seeing 5+ one word responses in a row but, leaving an upvote would definitely show the poster some love, regardless if a response is needed! I agree that down votes should not be an option.

    But thank you Meg and Vlad for responding and constantly working to improve PF🤗 this is seriously a treasure trove of information from the members, and has helped me become so much smarter of a shopper!